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Top House tax writer suggests measures to mitigate the impact of the border tax

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady offers ideas on how to blunt the initial impact of a border adjustment tax on [...]

500,000 jobs added to health-care sector under Obamacare, Goldman Sachs estimates

The analysis comes as the House of Representatives is poised to vote on a bill to replace key parts of [...]

Why Wall Street should stop freaking out about the health-care vote

Investors' fears about the Obamacare repeal aren't likely to be realized, according to analyses ahead of Thursday's [...]

Obamacare repeal could undermine a major pillar of President Trump’s agenda

Goldman estimates every percentage point increase of Americans with health insurance yielded a 0.6 percent rise in health [...]

Joe Biden says Republican health care is a giveaway to the rich

Biden said eliminating Obamacare would only benefit drug, insurance and medical device companies, USA Today [...]

Mester says favors steps this year to reduce Fed’s balance sheet

Cleveland Fed President Mester said that if the economic data holds up she supports the U.S. central bank taking steps that would begin to reduce its [...]

Mortgage applications fall 2.7%, as borrowers turn to riskier loans

Higher housing costs have borrowers searching for the best deals on home [...]

Hot US real estate a potential red flag, warns Fed’s Rosengren

The run-up in U.S. real estate prices could potentially amplify any future economic downturn, a Federal Reserve official said on [...]

Fed’s Kaplan sees 3 rate hikes in 2017, no rush on balance sheet

The Fed should raise rates two more times this year and continue work on a plan to trim its massive balance sheet, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan [...]

US current account shrinks in fourth quarter

The Commerce Department said on Tuesday the current account deficit fell 3.1 percent to $112.4 billion. [...]

Don’t look now, but inflation may be about to surge

Investors aren't properly pricing rising inflation into their decision making, according to one portfolio [...]

We’re robbing from the future to pay for the past, former Sen. Bob Kerrey says

"It is a lot easier to screw young people than older people because they don't vote and we do," Kerrey tells [...]

Business confidence in Trump has not translated into much action, Fed’s Harker argues

Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker also said getting a 2017 rate hike out of the way in March just "made [...]

Fed voter Kashkari makes case for no more rate hikes

Inflation has a lot of room to rise without creating worries, the Fed's Neel Kashkari tells [...]

If the US wants high-end manufacturing jobs, the US needs imports

President Trump's goals to reduce imports and boost manufacturing may run into snags in the web of trade [...]

Work requirement for the poor, tax credit boost in the works for health plan, House Speaker Ryan says

"We think we should be offering more assistance than the bill currently does," Ryan tells Fox News [...]

OMB Director Mulvaney defends budget blueprint that won’t balance

Mulvaney defended the administration's budget blueprint for not reducing the deficit, NBC News [...]

Yellen’s exit may prompt the Fed to pare its balance sheet sooner rather than later, Goldman says

Janet Yellen may exit next year, and Goldman Sachs thinks that could push the Fed to move on its balance [...]

G-20 fails to agree on free trade and protectionism — climate change is missing, too

The world's financial leaders backtracked on past commitments to keep trade open and reject [...]

US wants to re-examine some trade agreements and correct some excesses, Treasury Sec. Mnuchin says

The U.S. continues to believe in free trade but wants to re-examine certain agreements and correct some excesses, Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin [...]

GOP health plan would hit state budgets hard: Moody’s

State budgets would be hurt by the proposed GOP health care plan, Moody's [...]

Data show NYC real estate has plenty of international takers—and from this country in particular

The Russians are coming? In a way, yes–to frothy New York real [...]

Fed’s Kashkari explains rate dissent — wants plan on balance sheet before any more hikes

Kashkari said in a statement the Fed should wait on raising rates until it publishes a detailed plan for how and when it will reduce its $4.5 trillion balance [...]

US factory production rose for 6th straight month

U.S. factories cranked out more autos, steel and computers in February, the sixth straight monthly increase in manufacturing [...]

Missing from Trump’s grand Navy plan: skilled workers to build the fleet

Interviews with ship builders, unions, and a review of public and internal documents show major obstacles to Trump's [...]

The Fed will lead markets, not follow them, says Mohamed El-Erian

"There is an ongoing transition in Fed policy. This is a more confident Fed," Mohamed El-Erian tells [...]

No. 2 House Democrat says Trump’s budget blueprint is a ‘hatchet job’ that’s DOA

Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Budget Committee Chair Diane Black offer differing views of President Trump's new spending [...]

Monthly job openings were little changed in January

Monthly job openings were at 5.6 million on the last business day in January, the Labor Department [...]

Trump’s ‘America First’ infrastructure plan may need a lot of foreign help

Sorely needed — and promised — spending on U.S. infrastructure could mean foreign companies take a slice of the [...]

Oracle co-CEO says cloud won’t cause mass IT layoffs

Don't expect mass layoffs in IT even as the world's biggest companies move more work to the cloud, Oracle's Mark Hurd [...]

Goldman’s Hatzius: The Fed’s going to hike rates more than the market thinks

The upshot: Investors may be underestimating how quickly the Fed will move in the [...]

Trump administration wants to divert infrastructure funds to its own construction plans

The budget will strip infrastructure funding from agencies to divert funds to a coming White House infrastructure [...]

US jobless claims fall as labor market tightens

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell last week, pointing to a further tightening in the labor [...]

Housing starts rose in February, led by single-family homes

Home building jumped in February likely as unseasonably warm weather boosted the construction of single-family houses to near a 9-1/2-year [...]

Trump’s HUD budget cuts 42-year-old community assistance program

“To come in and blatantly eliminate these programs because you're trying to meet a budget number … it’s actually alarming,” one insider [...]

Here are the winners & losers in Trump’s ‘America First’ budget

President Trump will ask Congress for dramatic cuts as he seeks to bulk up defense spending, start building a border wall and spend more money deporting [...]

Trump puts extra skinny into his ‘skinny budget’

President Donald Trump's first crack at the budget, released on Thursday, took "skinny" to a new, anemic [...]

Canadian PM warns that Trump’s NAFTA plan could hit ‘great jobs’ in US

Trudeau said the Clinton-era agreement had "led to a lot of great jobs for a whole lot of people on both sides of the [...]

US to confront trade partners at global finance meeting

The meeting of the 20 most powerful economies' finance ministers in Germany this week is likely to be dominated by talk about whether to commit to free [...]

Inflation is back, but economy remains weak

If the Federal Reserve had any doubts about raising interest rates, the government's latest inflation data should help put them to [...]

Atlanta Fed downgrades US Q1 GDP view below 1%

The U.S. economy is on track to grow at a 0.8 percent annualized pace in the first quarter, following the latest jobs and retail sales [...]

Trump, Saudi deputy crown prince discuss new economic deal: White House

The U.S. President and the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince met to discuss opportunities for new economic [...]

US businesses boost stockpiles at modest pace as sales slow

U.S. businesses stockpiled more goods in warehouses and on store shelves in January, while sales growth [...]

Home builder confidence soared to highest level in 12 years as Trump rolls back regulations

The nation's home builders couldn't be happier with President Donald Trump's first move to remove strict environmental [...]

Manufacturing in New York state expands in March

The pace was slightly slower than in February, however, when activity had climbed to the highest point in more than two [...]