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US new home sales rise, median price surges to record high

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast new home sales rising 5.7 percent in May to a pace of 600,000 units from the previously reported rate of 570,000 [...]

Senators: We’ve introduced legislation that will help the US keep its competitive edge

Intellectual property is the bedrock of our economy. Here's how we strengthen US patent laws, say Coons and Cotton. [...]

4 million homeowners are leaving $1 billion dollars on the table

Falling mortgage rates and rising home values are a tasty combination for homeowners, but millions are not [...]

Trump: ‘I just don’t want a poor person’ running the economy

Trump contends that wealthy people can better run the U.S. economy because they do not need money. [...]

Trump’s Carrier jobs deal is just not living up to the hype

The Carrier plant in Indianapolis — the poster child for Trump's pledge to save US jobs — is planning layoffs in [...]

More teenagers are choosing summer studies over jobs

Only 43 percent of teenagers had a job last summer. [...]

US jobless claims rise, but the labor market is still tight

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits increased slightly last [...]

Good news for GOP: Small businesses are hungry for tax reform

Tax reform is a top concern for small businesses in NC and throughout the US. It could boost business [...]

AT&T CEO Stephenson: We will invest $22 billion in the US this year if …

Stephenson tells CNBC AT&T will step up its investments if President Trump delivers on tax [...]

Why big mergers like Amazon-Whole Foods could put Fed on hold for more rate hikes

Evans said transformative moves could put pressure on inflation which in turn would slow the [...]

Exclusive: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein on the global economy—‘things are pretty good’

Jim Cramer sits down with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein for his take on the global [...]

Here’s a forecast that should worry investors betting on a second-half surge in the economy

Investors betting on a strong pickup in economic growth might want to hold that thought. [...]

Americans are really optimistic about the economy, but it’s no longer helping Trump: CNBC survey

A surge in economic optimism contrasts with a decline in Americans' approval of President Donald [...]

Consumer sentiment unexpectedly sinks in June

Consumers were much less optimistic than economists had expected in June, according to a preliminary [...]

Larry Summers: 5 reasons why the Fed may be making a mistake

Larry Summers offers five points that frame his doubts about the Fed's current approach to satisfying its dual mandate. [...]

US housing starts drop for a 3rd straight month

Homebuilders slowed down the pace of construction for the third straight month in May, a possible sign that the shortage of houses for sale might [...]

The Fed wants to go on ‘autopilot’: Look out for storm clouds ahead

If Janet Yellen has her way, the Fed she chairs is about to go from the center of the universe to a mere [...]

Art Cashin warns the Fed: ‘Wake up,’ the economy isn’t as good as it looks

"It's not that the economy is on life support but it's certainly not robust," UBS trader Art Cashin tells [...]

The new coal jobs the Trump team is touting might not actually exist

The Trump administration is using preliminary estimates to claim actual coal mining jobs are being [...]

Tight supply and strong demand have homes selling at a record-setting pace … again

The competition for housing is heating up with the summer thermometer and continuing to set new [...]

Factory output declines for second time in past three months

U.S. factory output fell unexpectedly in May on a broad decline in [...]

Homebuilder confidence slips despite strong demand for new homes

A monthly survey of builder sentiment fell two points in June to 67, and May's reading was revised down a [...]

Trump wants 4.5 million new apprenticeships in five years — with nearly the same budget

The president wants to sharply boost the number of apprentices working in the U.S., without spending much more to do [...]

New York factories rebound in June, best showing since 2014

Manufacturing in New York state rebounded this month to the highest level since 2014, another sign of strength for America's [...]

US import prices slipped 0.3%, more than expected, in May

U.S. import prices were expected to fall 0.1 percent in May, after rising 0.5 percent a month earlier.


US jobless claims fell more than expected as the labor market tightens

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, pointing to shrinking labor market [...]

Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s optimism is justified: JPMorgan strategist

Things are on track for three hikes a year and balance sheet normalization, maybe starting in September, Gabriela Santos [...]

Fed hikes interest rates despite declining inflation, sets plan for balance sheet reduction

The Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point rate hike [...]

Op-Ed: Here’s the most important thing about the Fed’s rate hike

The Fed rate hike won't have a huge impact on people's budgets. But here's the part that is a big deal, says Notre Dame Professor Nelson C. [...]

Fed’s Yellen says conditions in place for inflation to rise

Fed chair Yellen gave her reasons why inflation should come back and justify the Fed's rate hike earlier [...]

Fed seen hiking rates but inflation, economic outlook dim: CNBC Survey

The Fed is expected to raise rates Wednesday, and most respondents in CNBC's Fed survey see another hike this [...]

Millionaires own a record 45% of the world’s wealth — and their share is growing

There are 17.9 million households in the world, up 8 percent from 16.6 million last year, Boston Consulting Group [...]

Fed will have to respond to weak inflation data as expectations fade for further hikes

The Fed is on track to raise rates, but surprisingly weak inflation for a third month puts another hike in [...]

US retail sales slide 0.3 percent, biggest drop in 16 months

Americans cut spending at gas stations, department stores, and electronics shops in May as retail sales registered their biggest drop in 16 [...]

US consumer prices dip 0.1% in May, due to a big drop in energy prices

The U.S. Consumer Price Index was forecast to rise 0.2 percent in May, after inching up 0.1 percent a month [...]

Fed is expected to hike interest rates Wednesday, but inflation is the wild card for markets

The Fed is expected to raise interest rates Wednesday, and what it says about inflation will be [...]

Fed rate hike this week to hit millions of borrowers

The Fed's anticipated move to hike its benchmark interest rate target up a quarter point will have ramifications.


US Producer Price Index was unchanged in May, as expected

Inflation at the wholesale level stayed unchanged in May as food and energy prices [...]

Trump hasn’t appointed anyone to any key infrastructure jobs

The country can persist with these transportation vacancies, but it delays an agency's effectiveness, Vox [...]

Wholesale inventories slide 0.5% in April, falling short of estimates

The Commerce Department reported April's wholesale inventories on [...]

Why the majority of small-business owners love Trump’s tax plan

Taxes are the No. 1 issue for small business, the first CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey [...]

Why business owners love Trump but don’t plan to create the jobs he wants

Business owners are optimistic about revenue increases, but a majority have no plans to add jobs in the next year. [...]

Small-business owners are confident about the economy and the future of their businesses

The CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey reveals small-business owners are "undeniably confident" about their [...]

Paul Ryan says ‘death tax’ hurts Wisconsin small businesses. IRS data shows otherwise.

Paul Ryan and Trump may be exaggerating estate tax's harm to small businesses and family farms, ProPublica reports.

Debt limit showdown looms sooner as wealthy bet on Trump tax cut

Congress may be approaching debt limit within weeks, with wealthy Americans hoping for lower tax rates promised by President [...]