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Why Trump’s plan for corporate taxes is a ‘magic unicorn’

A 15 percent corporate tax rate looks to be a non-starter on Capitol [...]

March new home sales beat expectations, rise to 8-month high

Economists polled by Thomson Reuters expected new home sales of 590,000 units in March, down 0.5 percent from last month's figure of [...]

Consumer confidence dips in April, missing estimates

The index last climbed to 125.6 in March, according to monthly data from The Conference Board. [...]

The industry that opposed Trump the most has performed best in his first 100 days

Tech shares have risen more than banks, utilities, health firms, energy companies or consumer [...]

What would a government shutdown mean for you?

Here's what services would continue if the government fails to pass a new spending bill by Friday, USA Today [...]

Moving on up! US home prices climb at fastest pace in nearly 3 years

The index, which measures all nine U.S. census divisions, found that nationwide home prices rose 5.8 percent year-over-year in February. [...]

Here’s why Trump appears OK with a higher near-term deficit, according to Commerce’s Wilbur Ross

It appears President Trump would be open to "a little higher near-term deficit out of which we can grow," the Commerce secretary [...]

The important things are more expensive than they were 10 years ago

Comparative prices have risen significantly in the past [...]

Trump puts Canada on trade notice with a warning on dairy farming and a new tariff on lumber

The Lumber tariff shows how serious Trump is about enforcing trade rules, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross tells [...]

Why the partisan divide over the outlook for the economy worries Ben Bernanke

Republicans think the economy is surging. Democrats think a recession is imminent. When economics become politicized, it leads to bad [...]

Trump suddenly finds himself needing the Fed he once loathed

President Donald Trump's relationship with the Fed is, to put it mildly, [...]

US gas prices rise 3 cents over 2 weeks, to $2.46 a gallon

Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey said consumers could see price increases slow as crude oil costs [...]

Survey of economists finds optimism about growth prospects

Business economists are generally optimistic about the U.S. economy with most expecting stronger growth than last year's poor [...]

IMF’s Lagarde: US tax reform should avoid ‘spillover effects’ that hurt other countries

Tax reform in the U.S. can benefit both the domestic and global economy, the head of the IMF tells [...]

Ex-Fed Chairman Greenspan: Get rid of Dodd-Frank and watch economy and stocks soar

"If you get rid of Dodd-Frank, it's going to have a very significant positive impact," Alan Greenspan tells [...]

Weekly jobless claims rise, while continuing claims hit 17-year low

First-time claims for state unemployment benefits were expected to total 242,000 in the most recent week, up from the 234,000 claims reported for the previous [...]

Clinton Treasury Secretary Rubin: The economy may not grow faster than 3%

Tax reform would provide "some stimulus" to get growth to about 2½ percent, Bill Clinton's Treasury secretary [...]

Fed’s Powell says parts of too-big-to-fail rules ‘unnecessarily burdensome’ and may not be needed at all

Powell said parts of too-big-to-fail regulations were "inappropriately applied to small and medium-sized" [...]

Fed should shed bonds soon, keep hiking rates: Rosengren

The Fed should begin shedding its bond holdings soon, Rosengren [...]

Mortgage applications drop 1.8%, despite lowest interest rates since November

Fewer homebuyers jumped into the mortgage market last week even though interest rates hit their lowest levels since [...]

Fed official backs bond pairing this year

Kansas City Fed President Esther George warns against waiting too long to "overheat" labor [...]

Industrial production climbed in March as manufacturing output dropped unexpectedly

The Federal Reserve announced Tuesday industrial production and capacity utilization for the month of March. [...]

US housing starts fall in March, permits rise

U.S. homebuilding fell as the construction of single-family homes in the Midwest recorded its biggest decline in three years, likely reflecting bad [...]

2017 shaping up to be fastest housing market on record

Home sales jumped nearly 9 percent in March compared with March 2016, as the number of homes for sale plunged 13 [...]

US tax reform debate moves away from Ryan blueprint

With the White House, lobbyists, and lawmakers jostling for influence and legislative wins, Speaker Ryan's tax reform may be losing [...]

Jobless claims show labor market remains strong despite a sharp slowdown in growth in March

The number of Americans filing for benefits fell last week, suggesting the labor market remains strong despite a sharp slowdown in job growth in [...]

US producer prices post first drop in seven months

The U.S. Producer Price Index was expected to be unchanged in March, after rising 0.3 percent a month [...]

Fed’s Kaplan says balance sheet plans won’t shift rate hike path

The central bank's plans to begin trimming its $4.5 trillion balance sheet as soon as this year do not alter his view of the appropriate rate hike [...]

Renters are staying put. Here’s why

"It would appear from our new survey that renters today feel better about their finances, like where they are living, and view renting favorably," said Freddie Mac's said David [...]

Blue states would benefit most from Republican tax plan, study says

States that voted against President Trump are likely to benefit more from a GOP tax plan, according to a new [...]

Trump’s NAFTA proposal looks a lot more like reform than revolution

United's PR fiasco reminds us that the aviation industry is likely to bounce forever between exploitative and unprofitable, Vox [...]

Import prices post largest drop in 7 months in March

Import prices fell in March as the cost of petroleum declined, but the underlying trend pointed to a moderate rise in inflation as the dollar rally [...]

Trump’s budget director on what’s on, and off, the table for cuts

Mick Mulvaney sat down over beers at the Tombs, near his alma mater of Georgetown University, to discuss challenges facing him and the [...]

Job openings in US hit seven-month high in February as hiring slips

Monthly jobs openings are a gauge of the U.S. economy that's closely watched by Fed Chair Janet Yellen. [...]

County considers special tax for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visits

Some people in Florida county are suggesting a special tax be levied against Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

CEOs privately say they’d accept short-term tax reform pain for ‘long-term improved economic growth’

Leaders of American companies are willing to take more risk than Congress, says the Business Roundtable's former [...]

Vacation home sales plunged in 2016, as prices hit highest level in a decade

Sales of vacation homes fell nearly 22 percent in 2016 to the lowest level in three [...]

Op-Ed: Bear markets are started by two things, and the US could be headed for both

Bear markets, history shows, are started by two things; rising interest rates and the onset of war, says Ron [...]

Small business sees uncertainty spike as Trump bump levels off

While Main Street largely remains optimistic, a new report shows uncertainty has surged, suggesting some uneasiness among small business [...]

Fed’s Yellen aims to let ‘healthy’ US economy coast along

The Fed's plans to raise rates gradually are aimed at sustaining full employment and near-2-percent [...]

Majority of active managers are beating the market this year, but investors still don’t care

Stock-picking fund managers got off to a solid start, with 52 percent of equity managers beating their [...]

The Fed’s in ‘no man’s land,’ Jim Cramer warns

Jim Cramer says he's unsure about three rate hikes if the Fed is data [...]

Liberal group urges Democrats to vote against ‘even $1’ in tax cuts for wealthiest Americans

A new report from the Center for American Progress makes a bipartisan tax deal seem [...]

Op-Ed: Here’s what’s driving me crazy about the GDP number

Here's why better economic indicators should be translating into higher GDP growth already, says Karen Firestone.

The US college debt bubble is becoming dangerous

In America, 44 million people have student debt, and 8 million of those borrowers are in [...]