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BoE’s Carney says rate rise not certain in May

Markets should not bet on a May UK rate rise, says Mark Carney

Softer economic data give Bank of England pause for [...]

A wasted opportunity to reduce government debt

Amid record global borrowing, the US should seek fiscal [...]

A second Brexit referendum would tear Britain apart

The UK electorate is split down the middle, but another vote would make things [...]

The Commonwealth is no substitute for trade with the EU

FT readers see trouble ahead after [...]

Spanish now richer than Italians, IMF data show

Decade of stagnation leaves Rome trailing in terms of output per [...]

Climate change and automation threaten economic convergence

Workers from catch-up nations face a more hostile environment than their [...]

The loud warning noises from Chinese capital flows

Trade flows matter but capital matters more — and China dominates the [...]

Acceleration in lira volatility may spark Turkey rate hike — analysts

Key meeting of Turkey’s central bank less than a week [...]

Oil hits 4-year high ahead of Opec-Russia supply meeting

Energy stocks and crude-linked currencies rally as investors eye longer production [...]

Russia petitions WTO over US tariffs

Daily briefing: Mar-a-Lago talks, Ramaphosa’s blueprint, outer space algorithms

Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe agree on North Korea, but struggle on [...]

Investors increase bets on Fed rate rises

Expectations of three or even four hikes this year rise as growth worries [...]

African nations slipping into new debt crisis

IMF urges more taxes to help pay interest that has hit levels not seen for 18 [...]

Infrastructure at the heart of Senegal government’s grand plan

Physical foundations are central to a strategy to develop economy and alleviate [...]

Reputation for stability lures new foreign investors to Senegal

There has been a surge of interest from beyond the traditional western [...]

Australian unemployment rate holds at 5.5%

Tariff concerns emerge in Fed’s Beige Book

Loonie extends drop after Poloz reiterates caution on rate rises

Markets warm to the prospect of four Fed rate rises this year

ECB says Draghi will remain a member of bankers’ group

Trump’s short-sighted mistreatment of Japan

Failure to support an indispensable ally will have [...]

IMF sounds alarm on excessive global borrowing

With $164tr owed, the world is deeper in debt than at the height of the financial [...]

EU tells US to drop steel tariff threat so talks can take place

Malmstrom says exemption for bloc must be ‘unconditional and permanent’ to ease [...]

Soggy inflation reading dents BoE May rate rise odds — economists

EU kicks off Asian trade pacts with ‘defence of open and fair trade’

Daily briefing: EU’s Brexit powers, Pompeo’s secret meeting, Macron’s unlikely pal

Proposals to amend laws will help the union handle a no-deal [...]

Donald Trump ends his brief flirtation with TPP

US president’s second U-turn on Pacific trade adds to pressure on Japan’s Shinzo [...]

Egypt to slash energy subsidies as it battles to rein in debt

Finance minister grapples with fiscal deficit of almost [...]

Trump says he is now opposed to re-joining TPP

Eurozone investors race up chart of US debt owners

Negative rates and QE have driven European investors into US corporate and government [...]

The MBA view: is protectionism bad for the economy?

Business school students offer their views on globalisation versus trade [...]

Emerging market growth ‘losing momentum’

Warning comes as IMF and IIF stand by forecasts of faster growth in [...]

China house price growth slows to 2-year low in March

Japan imports fall for first time since 2016

Angela Merkel snubs Emmanuel Macron on plan for EU monetary fund

Chancellor sticks to party line and disappoints French president ahead of reform [...]

Why sterling has hit post-Brexit high

Katie Martin on hopes for smooth EU [...]

Pound jumps to post-Brexit high on hopes for rate rise

IMF forecasts policy tightening in spite of threats to [...]

The boom in Puerto Rican debt has nothing to do with reality

Speculators reap windfalls as estimates of hurricane damage are revised [...]

The global economic recovery is real but fragile

The IMF is optimistic in the short term, but long-term structural risks [...]

Commonwealth dreams refuse to become reality

An event meant as a celebration ended up starting with an anguished Windrush [...]

China cuts required reserve ratio in ‘subtle easing’ move

Move follows weak lending volumes last month and signs that economy is [...]

Brexit Britain slides down Europe’s economic league table

UK to perform worse than rest of Europe, except Italy, over next two years, IMF [...]

IMF warns global economic growth will slow by 2020

Conflict over trade seen to distract countries from reform [...]

UK economy to underperform all of Europe except Italy — IMF

Global economy poised for slowdown by 2020 as countries ‘flirt with trade [...]