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Japan manufacturing gauge points to solid start in 2018

Japan exports to Asia climb to record level

Senate confirms Jay Powell as Federal Reserve chair

The day in Davos: Modi, Trudeau and a bull-market party

Trudeau tells Davos audience their approach ‘won’t cut it any more’

Canada’s PM slams aggressive capitalism at WEF and confirms new Pacific trade [...]

A tactical mis-step from Donald Trump on trade

Tariffs on solar panels and washing machines are foolish, not [...]

Investors flock to Spain’s jumbo sale of 10-year sovereign debt

Country attracts €43bn of orders for a €10bn benchmark paying a 1.4 per cent [...]

Narendra Modi aims to double size of Indian economy by 2025

Prime minister in bullish mood at opening of World Economic Forum in [...]

Trans-Pacific trade deal to go ahead without US

Pacific Rim nations including Japan and Canada aim to sign comprehensive pact in [...]

EU finance ministers seek to revive banking union plan

Meeting in Brussels exposes divisions on half-finished project among [...]

Davos 2018: The liberal international order is sick

Delegates need to consider what is to be done to save the model from [...]

Davos: CEOs say policymakers have fewer tools to douse next financial crisis

Barclays, M&G chiefs say at Davos forum that risks may arise in unexpected [...]

Do not forget the winners from freer trade

Openness brings more (and better) jobs than it takes [...]

Central banks are not the culprit behind a weaker dollar

Falling reserve currency has loosened global financial [...]

Surprise! Germans optimistic on economy amid industrial boom

Zew indicator of economic sentiment at yet another [...]

‘The party is really good’: Finance CEOs bullish on world economy

Top financial industry executives shrug off geopolitical [...]

Daily briefing: Davos snowbound, US back in business, Ukip’s weirdest moments

Delegates of the World Economic Forum struggle to reach the resort as the town faces Level 5 avalanche [...]

Asia solar shares give mixed response to Trump’s tariff hike

Davos: sunny spell allows precious time to fix our roof

From corruption to climate change, the threats to our economies and our world ignore borders, writes Christine [...]

BoJ holds rates steady at January meeting

Philippines GDP growth slows in Q4

S Korea seeks to reinstate levies in response to new US tariffs

Trump slaps tariffs on imports of solar panels

Move is first to be signed off directly by the president after protectionist [...]

EU creditors to start talks on structuring debt relief for Greece

Third bailout review likely to be signed off as Athens is praised for reform [...]

Japan’s IP-rich Jasdaq has Olympian flair

Tech stocks and start-ups are more than just a yen-strength [...]

EU creditors to begin Greece debt-relief talks

Creditors prepare to sign off on bailout [...]

What to watch for at Davos as the World Economic Forum opens

Star turns from world leaders vie to dominate agenda with sessions on blockchain and Big [...]

Pound takes another look at $1.40 level

Sterling trading at highest since 2016 Brexit [...]

IMF hails ‘broadest’ upsurge in global growth since 2010

Forecasts upgraded for 2017, 2018 and 2019, adding to positive mood ahead of Davos [...]

UK to be among weakest major housing markets in world in 2018 – Fitch

Strong growth and low interest rates to support prices [...]

Trump and trade: White House briefing notes

Senior official offers insight into US president’s trade plans for the year [...]

Daily Briefing: Fresh US shutdown vote, Davos debrief, Amazon’s store of the future

Funding vote unlikely to pass with Republicans and Democrats still at [...]

Michele Wucker explains “Gray Rhinos”

Left and right trade barbs as US shutdown stalemate drags on

Trump marks new year in office with federal agencies closed over spending [...]

Bank of England economists debate productivity

Your weekly briefing on the UK [...]

Mnangagwa’s ‘new’ Zimbabwe merits support

This is the time to re-engage with Zimbabwe, but step by [...]

Davos forum, Netflix results, Bank of Japan

Your FT guide to this week’s big [...]

Oil shock fails to disturb optimistic mood

Rising oil prices have frequently spelt the end of global economic upswings but not this [...]

Donald Trump’s big choice at Davos

Will he reassure his audience that the US believes in strong global [...]

Greece set to win plaudits but not next tranche of bailout cash

Eurozone finance ministers likely to hold off giving Athens a clean bill of [...]

China: market bulls beat the short sellers — for now

Big bets on the collapse of the country’s indebted economy have largely failed. Did the hedge funds misread the signs or were they just too [...]

The World

Markets are setting records against a background of strengthening economic growth. Concerns such as monetary policy, productivity, automation and loss of trust in institutions still demand [...]

Protection and demography in emerging markets threaten growth engine

Developing economies are enjoying an upturn but structural problems in global trade are lying in [...]

The monetary policy trick is managing a return to ‘normal’

Big questions to be answered concern timing, consequences and even what is meant by [...]

China sticks firmly to its path to globalisation

Growing discord between Beijing and the west presages a clash of [...]