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The life and speeches of Sadie Alexander

Emerging market jitters cast shadow over investment horizons

China worries, political unrest and US rate tightening are sources of market [...]

Weidmann lays out conditions for common eurozone bank deposit scheme

Investors bet on return of Sebastián Piñera in Chile

The emergence of a new Latin American middle class has brought fresh [...]

‘Punchy’: Eurozone external current account surplus balloons in September

Economic lessons from a left-behind town

The story of Blackpool illustrates a triple process of [...]

Portugal makes another early IMF repayment

UBS Wealth Management: UK picture ‘not as bleak as many think’

Draghi on QE: Size isn’t everything

Daily briefing: Saudi freedom deals, how to cut the Brexit bill, Ikea life lessons

Settlements with detained princes and businessmen come as the government grapples with a [...]

Malaysia Q3 GDP growth climbs to 3-year high

Hammond Budget faces challenge of worst productivity woes in G7

Britain appears to be suffering problems far less pronounced [...]

Singapore October non-oil exports beat forecasts

China’s balancing act on debt is becoming trickier

The government must hold its nerve, even as economic growth [...]

How foreign investment changed the world

The economic geography of the new [...]

A bruising Brexit could shipwreck the British economy

It is absurd to suggest that the UK could withstand the shock of worse market [...]

Israel beats forecasts with sharp upswing in growth

Eurozone inflation confirmed at 1.4%, but positive signs from core measure

UK retail sales post first year on year fall since 2013

Don’t be a stranger: offshore finance and the UK’s balance of payments

Putting the cart before the horse in euro’s oldest fight 

Brussels is still battling to achieve unity on the rules of monetary [...]

African debt servicing costs hit 16-year high

Figures come as IMF warns of potential rise in public debt to ‘unsustainable [...]

China outbound investment down nearly 41% in 2017

Why the whole world feels the ‘Brussels effect’

Some international businesses adhere to EU regulation even in their operations outside [...]

Economists must work harder to justify liberal trade order

Critics of the China shock are now extremely [...]

Philippines Q3 GDP rises 6.9%

China’s laid-off workers pose daunting welfare challenge

Early retirement for 1.8m in coal and steel sectors imposes heavy burden on [...]

Australia unemployment rate dips to more than 4-year low

Daily briefing: Zimbabwe ‘coup’, GOP tax plan, Italy’s right turn

Troops remove ‘criminals’ around Mugabe and detain him in a ‘safe’ [...]

Threats loom for world trading system

Does the US stance on the TPP and Nafta bode ill for world [...]

The measurement that holds economic statistics back from reality

Improve what is included since the data fail to reflect the real [...]

UK jobs boom losing momentum, new data suggests

Number of people in work drops for the first time in a [...]

Can Japan’s growth streak continue? 4 charts on the Japanese economy

LatAm, Caribbean exports rebound in first half after 25 months of contraction

Broadbent: Markets still underestimating rate rise chance

Key US consumer inflation rate rises in October

Norwegian and Swedish currencies battered by euro rally

In praise of the wealth tax

Reform could make the UK system both more efficient and [...]

Japan Q3 GDP growth solid as exports outperform

Central Europe grows at fastest in nine years

Overheating fear as Romania GDP expands by 8.6 per [...]

Daily briefing: Venezuela default, Zimbabwe crisis, Martin Wolf on Big Tech

Oil-rich country admits it has to ‘refinance and restructure’ all its foreign [...]

Malaysia walks budget tightrope

Fiscal consolidation to continue despite increased social spending ahead of [...]

Central bankers warn of limits to forward guidance

Yellen, Draghi, Carney and Kuroda stand by signalling of moves to [...]

BoE’s Cunliffe says rate vote prompted by insufficient evidence of inflationary pressure

Analyst outlook on German economy lags expectations in November – ZEW