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Macron’s advance reopens ECB rift over QE

As eurozone recovery strengthens, Frankfurt may respond to decline in political [...]

Trump’s 15% tax cut ruffles deficit hawks’ feathers

Promised reduction in corporate rate would cost $2.2tn in lost revenue over 10 [...]

Upswing in world economy is not sustained growth

There are political risks, the backlash against an open world economy is [...]

Anatomy of the French vote

What we can learn from studying who voted for [...]

National Front leader Le Pen takes a break as head of the party

Ms Le Pen then attacks Macron, suggesting he was a ‘hysterical, radical [...]

Investment in women unleashes global gains

Female economic empowerment brings dividends for families, businesses and [...]

Berlin hopeful of Macron reviving Franco-German motor

Joy at prospect of Europhile in Elysée tempered by caution over centrist’s [...]

Yen investors have reason to question haven status

Japan’s currency has fluctuated amid worries about nearby North [...]

Macron buoys markets but eyes turn to Assembly vote

Ability to implement policy seen as next risk factor for [...]

US tax reform: party like it’s 1981

Trump’s planned changes will follow the Reagan [...]

Emerging markets file more patents than the west

China leads the way as innovation heads [...]

US reopens door to reviving EU trade talks

Wilbur Ross says EU, Japan and China in competition to show willingness for [...]

Macri’s reforms provide Argentina’s best hope

The economics are working but the politics is the weakest [...]

Policymakers revive push for ‘European Monetary Fund’

Moscovici says an EMF would be ‘more efficient in tackling crises inside [...]

German surplus hands eurozone dilemma to France

Washington should forge an alliance with Paris to confront [...]

IMF members drop pledge to resist protectionism

The change in stance is the latest sign of shifting global trade [...]

The constant disappointment of economic forecasts

The record of predictions based on demography is not impressive, writes John [...]

Maduro targets companies as Venezuela unrest grows

Telefónica unit accused of ‘coup-mongering’ ahead of further anti-government [...]

Global economy: Spring pierces the political storm

Despite the populist backlash, economic recovery is at its strongest since the [...]

German economists rebut criticism over surplus

Council of expert’s arguments are strong but they do not justify no policy [...]

Doubts on the reflation trade look overdone

Why value stocks look good even when inflation expectations [...]

Trump moves towards imposing steel import tariffs

White House launches national security investigation using 1962 [...]

Taking aim at the World Bank is self-defeating

A US cut in contributions will only cede strategic ground to [...]

China bond party attracts few takers

Beijing wants foreigners to invest in its debt market but fears over defaults have hit [...]

US banks gain from rate rises as savers suffer

Higher rates could net lenders $11bn a year but some executives urge [...]

No economy is an island

Global financial conditions and business cycles tie countries [...]

Brussels starts to freeze Britain out of EU contracts

Brussels urging companies to decamp to one of the 27 remaining EU members as it prepares for [...]

Brazilians weigh return of once-mighty Lula

Former president looks to capitalise on political problems of current leader [...]

Emerging market capital flows turn positive

First inflows since 2014 despite China continuing to ship [...]

IT sector dims as beacon of Indian job creation

Hiring slowdown adds to challenge of finding work for booming adult [...]

Dreams destroyed as Beijing shrinks

Chinese capital’s plan to cap population forces out migrants and small [...]

Greece set to miss budget surplus target, warns IMF

Global fund urges euro area governments to lessen Athens’ debt [...]

US tax plan sets up battle with fiscal conservatives

Trump’s pledge of cuts risks adding to the debt and angering members of his own [...]

IMF saves greatest stability warnings America

Failure or success, Donald Trump’s economic strategy has perils, writes Martin [...]

IMF says debt binge leaves US corporates exposed

Global financial stability report warns of risks from US business [...]

Two types of protectionism

Does the White House want to cut deficit by restricting imports or boosting [...]

UK prime minister moves to strengthen Brexit hand

May calls voters to polls, less than a month after categorically denying she [...]

Dealing with America’s trade follies

Its policies will fail to reduce deficits — for which foreigners will be [...]

IMF forecasts higher growth despite protection risk

World Economic Outlook revises short-term expectations up for first time in six [...]

Floating currency brings instability for small countries

A restructuring-friendly set of rules is essential for would-be euro members or [...]

Shinzo Abe eradicates hawks from the Bank of Japan

All 9 BoJ board members now PM’s choices who back aggressive monetary [...]

Chinese factories cautious despite GDP rebound

Manufacturers express concerns on domestic overcapacity and global [...]

Treasury secretary Mnuchin admits tax reform will be hit by healthcare failure

Doubts over the administration’s timeline for stimulative economic policies already hitting [...]

Lloyds in reach of private ownership after nine years

UK government poised to sell final 2% stake in pivotal moment for bailed-out [...]

US inflation expectations hit lowest levels of year

Investors react to Friday’s disappointing data and doubts over timeframe for [...]