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World Economic Forum lifts ban on Russian trio

Davos organisers change tack on high-profile businessmen who are subject to US [...]

Investment chiefs fret over high debt and liquidity crunch

CIOs overseeing $21tn expect volatility, protectionism and Brexit to pose big [...]

How I became a Brexiter — and why ‘no deal’ would not be disastrous

I’m thrilled to see MPs finally having to make huge decisions for their [...]

Week ahead: Fed, BoE, US government shutdown

Little cheer for the holidays as growth worries take hold

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global [...]

US farm groups plead to add agriculture to EU trade talks

Pork lobby warns Brussels would get ‘enormous tactical victory’ if issue is [...]

Bank of England curbs expenses after criticism by MPs

Move follows anger over ‘staggeringly high’ spending on flights by members of Financial Policy [...]

Ren Zhengfei: Huawei’s general musters for a fight

The Chinese telecoms magnate is at the centre of the US’s trade war with his [...]

China confirms 3 month cut to tariffs on US automobile imports

On the possibility of progress

Paul Romer’s Nobel lecture shows ground for optimism even in biggest [...]

Japan unveils tax breaks on housing and cars

Ruling coalition hopes move will help keep economy out of [...]

Saudi Arabia deposits $1bn to boost Pakistan’s foreign reserves

The kingdom’s funds have helped stabilise Pakistan’s finances as it seeks IMF [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily briefing on the day’s news from the FT and [...]

Governments can’t prevent the next global economic slowdown

Despite their best [...]

Wall Street banks turn skittish on leveraged loans

Borrowers forced to be more flexible on terms as power shifts to [...]

Will the Sino-US trade war spread?

Fears of Chinese exports being diverted to third countries so far [...]

Stop sniping at central banks and set clear targets

Political attacks on the Fed, BoE and RBI are a childish abdication of [...]

The loyal servant who must appease Modi and investors

Appointment of Shaktikanta Das as RBI chief will test credibility of central [...]

Central banks assess options as ECB joins QE retreat

Asset purchases likely to remain part of policymakers’ toolkit to fight future [...]

China retail sales growth falls to 15-year low

German carmakers usurp Trump’s trade ‘victory’

It is just one example of the consequences if America rips apart global supply [...]

ECB makes a return to normality — for now

The central bank should be ready to use quantitative easing [...]

US resists efforts to boost IMF’s permanent reserves

Move deals a blow to Christine Lagarde’s efforts to shore up fund’s financial [...]

Retailers worst off as Wall Street gives up early gains

US futures edge higher as investors eye trade progress

ECB to halt expansion of €2.6tn QE programme

End of extra bond purchases shifts investor focus to timing of interest rate [...]

Miners remain risky bet for investors

Lack of trust compounded by fears that trade war will hit Chinese [...]

Norwegian rates ‘most likely’ to rise rates again in March

Central bank cautions rate of future increases may need to slow as oil prices [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily briefing on the day’s news from the FT and [...]

China detains second Canadian citizen

Ottawa caught in crossfire between Washington and Beijing over Huawei [...]

What to look for from the ECB as QE winds down

Bond purchases may stop but reinvestments will still need to be [...]

Emerging market currencies defy the doom mongers

EM FX shows long-term returns — as theory suggests — despite plunging [...]

Chinese importers resume purchases of US soyabeans

Renminbi will not be able to escape a Chinese slowdown

Currency will be under pressure no matter how the US-China trade battle [...]

Wall Street rises amid hopes of US-China trade progress

US banks: Wail Street

Sharp sell-off in 2018 does not match a strong US [...]

EU business ramps up Brexit warnings

Companies on both sides of Channel risk ‘the greatest of [...]

Investment consultants: pension tension

Some believe consultants should be forced to spin off their fiduciary [...]

Wall Street buoyed by trade optimism, tepid inflation data

Lebanon adopts market rates to deal with debt

Move is designed to keep economy afloat as government fails to tackle rising [...]

US stock futures higher ahead of inflation data

EU parliament backs ‘cars for cheese’ trade pact with Japan

Historic agreement to create ‘open trade zone’ covering 630m [...]

Charts of the Year: have Italy’s old demons returned?

Widening spread with Germany’s 10-year yield gave analysts a strong sense of déjà [...]

Huawei offers clues to the US trade war psyche

Technology transfer is behind the tensions but history is not on Washington’s [...]

US farmers hit by soaring storage costs

Trade war double whammy as soyabeans go unsold and tariffs push up cost of metal [...]