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China’s reliance on exports poised to fall below that of India

2017 could see first reversal since China opened its economy in [...]

P&G boosts sales forecast on China recovery

Consumer goods group capitalises on demand for premium [...]

African bond issuance slumps to six-year low

Investors lose appetite as debt loads [...]

Trump era dawns, El Chapo, Greek tragedy

Swearing-in of new president set for a mixed [...]

Two Obama victories that will have a lasting legacy

Outgoing president made lasting difference to economy and the US car [...]

EU watchdog looks into ECB private finance ties

Ombudsman investigation will take on Draghi’s membership of Group of Thirty [...]

China must lead the world on climate change

Xi Jinping’s Davos speech showed promising [...]

To succeed at home, Trump must lead globally

‘Carrot and stick’ trade tweaks more probable than a tariffs war, writes Mohamed [...]

China GDP hits growth target on credit stimulus

Economy stabilised in 2016 but financial and geopolitical risks are [...]

Yellen defends pace of Fed tightening policy

Chair argues for measured drawdown in monetary support as economy [...]

Trump team backs China semiconductor crackdown call

Beijing strategy could have same global impact as its steel subsidies, warn [...]

Shackled to the 1950s

US gender attitudes have large and growing economic [...]

ECB holds steady on rates amid inflation dilemma

Bond-buying programme unchanged as Draghi eyes eurozone divergence in price [...]

BIS accused of pushing staff to back view on rates

‘Central bankers’ bank’ pressed researchers to deliver certain findings, says [...]

The Trump effect and the guacamole dip

Mexican avocado farmers fear Nafta revamp could make this their last big Super [...]

China health plan threatened by shortage of doctors

Low pay and overwork force medical graduates to switch to other [...]

Wilbur Ross hits back at Xi at Senate hearing, Obama threatens not to stay silent and the team running Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page

Trump’s commerce nominee adds to torrent of criticism against [...]

Prospect of Trump tariffs unnerves Asian investors

Trade barriers against any one country would be felt across interconnected [...]

Yellen warns rates delay risks ‘nasty’ surprise

Fed chair says waiting too long could lead to inflation or [...]

Ross escalates Trump trade criticism against Beijing

Commerce nominee labels China ‘most protectionist’ major [...]

Emerging powers can save global liberal order

Brexit and Trump’s victory do not put China, Russia and India in the driving [...]

Fed prepares ground to cut back $4.5tn balance sheet

Trump fiscal stimulus could bring forward day when trimming [...]

Davos business leaders give Trump a wary embrace

Hopes grow that new president will unleash deregulation but unpredictability is cause for [...]

Theresa May’s Brexit will bring about a diminished Britain

The prime minister has bowed to the logic of [...]

Fiscal boost for global economy will be elusive

Trump’s grand plans raise hopes for stimulus but worries about deficits and debt [...]

PM vows to walk away from a bad Brexit deal, Trump faces defamation lawsuit and China’s super supercomputer

Sterling rises as prime minister outlines blueprint for [...]

Inflation dilemma imperils ECB wish for boring year

Pressure mounts from Germany amid questions over credibility of central bank [...]

RBI independence questioned in India’s cash chaos

Critics say government’s policy push puts central bank’s economic role ‘under [...]

EU demands further cuts in Rome’s budget deficit

New premier must either impose unpopular measures or defy [...]

Trump team shifts further from strong dollar policy

Scaramucci illustrates willingness of new administration to comment on [...]

Donald Trump committed to globalisation, Davos told

Elite in Europe and US ‘have misunderstood trade [...]

Xi Jinping defends globalisation in Davos speech

China’s president draws a line between himself and US president-elect Donald [...]

UK PM to set out 12-point blueprint, why China — not Russia — is Trump’s real problem and how streaming saved the music industry

Theresa May is expected to announce that the UK may leave the EU single [...]

Economists warn of Trump ‘sugar rush’ comedown

Experts at Davos worry president-elect’s trade agenda may lead to longer-term [...]

Russia needs a revolution to reform its economy

Kudrin does well to make the case for change in geopolitical [...]

Trump presidency and China growth boost global outlook, says IMF

Forecasts highlight tax cuts and infrastructure spending in the [...]

A bitter comedown from Trump’s sugar high

History is replete with populist authoritarian policies with poor long-run [...]

Hammond’s hollow threat

Race to the bottom will not help UK’s Brexit [...]

Why Davos 2017 matters: 10 things to watch for

Xi’s visit, the globalisation conundrum and living with Trump loom large on [...]

Investors in India await Modi’s long-promised reforms

Delegates at Gujarat conference that launched PM on global stage bemoan pace of [...]

Trump slams the EU, Germany v fake news, Luxottica/Essilor merger

President-elect labels Europe as ‘a vehicle for Germany’ ahead of his [...]

Political upheaval casts cloud over view from Davos

Political context for annual WEF meeting will be set by Donald Trump’s [...]

Political upheaval casts cloud over Davos

Political context for annual WEF meeting will be set by Donald Trump’s [...]

China’s Xi set for star turn at Davos gathering

President aims to show he is one of the few responsible adults left on the global [...]

Optimism endures for eurozone business

Evidence grows of economic resilience but calls for long-term plan [...]