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Trump reflation trade goes global

Return to stocks over bonds is more about momentum than [...]

Biggest US security budget increase in a decade, the university degree that runs Britain, and our cosmic junkyard

Rise in defence spending would be offset by drastic cuts to EPA and social [...]

Greece bailout: What to expect from latest talks

Euro area keen for full IMF involvement in next tranche of €86bn [...]

ADB warns Asia on $26tn infrastructure gap

Fast-growing economies urged to double spending on transport, power and [...]

A European bad bank is needed to clean up European banks’ mess

The EBA’s proposal for a pan-EU asset management company should be [...]

LSE-Deutsche Börse merger; death; Japan’s pop idols

LSE-Deutsche Börse deal in jeopardy over antitrust [...]

Trump team looks to circumvent WTO dispute system

Unilateral trade sanctions would test a pillar of the US-built global economic [...]

Modi adviser cautions on tax probe

Subramanian argues that wide-ranging hunt for evasion could hit [...]

Chinese wages higher than Brazil, Argentina, Mexico

Hourly rates close in on pay levels in western laggards Greece and [...]

Centrist populists are by no means risk-free

Their inevitable failure can lead to the rise of the very worst type of [...]

Markets are alive to the sound of optimism

Yet it is unclear how much US stimulus will come and who will [...]

Boom in UK gold exports distorts impact of Brexit

Apparent rebalancing of the economy since referendum driven by Chinese demand for [...]

Wanted: a future for capitalism

The real question is who bears what [...]

Governing party takes a seat from a rival in by-election, Wilders suspends campaign, and Cirque du Soleil’s juggling act

The result for Labour strengthens the ruling Convervative [...]

Pence shows the path for Trump to follow on Europe

A constructive relationship is in America’s best [...]

Former IMF chief jailed over Bankia card scandal

Rodrigo Rato was chair of Spanish bank which offered incentives to top [...]

Germany’s budget surplus hits record high

Government coffers get boost from record-low unemployment and ultra-cheap debt [...]

Britain’s precarious economy

There is one thing to celebrate, and four things to worry about in the latest [...]

Chinese province’s GDP falls 23 per cent in a year

Liaoning crash blamed on fall in output and corrections to rosy historic [...]

US interest rates could rise next month, Earth’s new sister solar system and why Warren Buffett needs to change his investment recipe

Federal Reserve is ready to lift interest rates ‘fairly soon’, minutes [...]

Brazil’s central bank cuts benchmark rate to 12.25%

Second successive 75 basis point reduction made as recession seems to be [...]

Fed flags interest rate rise ‘fairly soon’

Central bank caution over anticipating White House economic [...]

A solid UK economy is showing a few cracks

There is little case for the Bank of England to raise interest [...]

Gordhan to raise taxes to curb South Africa deficit

Treasury must generate an extra $2bn to meet budget deficit target of 3.1% of [...]

Brussels warns Italy to cut public debt by April

Commission says Rome must take swift action to avoid breaching EU [...]

Kenneth Arrow’s intellectual legacy

His theoretical economic research retains burning practical [...]

German yields fall on French election worries

Investors retreat to safe havens in the face of redenomination [...]

China launches fresh attack on shadow banking risk

Previous efforts have failed to curb rapid growth in non-bank [...]

World Bank warns on global economy’s fragile state, a twist in the North Korea killing case and India’s bold experiment with cash

The rise of Donald Trump may already be casting a shadow over the global [...]

Policy uncertainty threatens trade growth, says World Bank

Warning on protectionism and threats to trade agreements in Trump [...]

Engage with Trump, IMF advises Europe’s leaders

Deputy director says US partners must take complaints against unfair trade [...]

India’s bold experiment with cash

The banknote ban is a shock for an economy with so many outside the formal [...]

Industrial growth: real or chimerical

Is job-killing productivity a measurement [...]

Westminster debates US president’s visit, Uber breaks silence on sexual harassment claim and why Mexico City is drowning

MPs suggest Trump’s state visit to the UK will either end in ‘total disaster’ or it could avert a third world [...]

There is a silver lining for emerging markets

Sweeping political change in developed economies will put onus on active EM [...]

Eurogroup hails progress with IMF on Greek debt deal

After clashes this month, two sides decide to send teams back to [...]

Technological justice

The problem with robots is rent, not the loss of [...]

Asian manufacturing growth hits four-year high

Improving growth picture also drives spike in [...]

Central bank independence is losing its lustre

Monetary policy involves trade-offs that are fundamentally political in [...]

EU pushes back on Brexit trade talks until next year

Divorce-first approach will hurt UK’s plans for a fast-track [...]

The Trump trade gains a more secure footing

Investors focus on the US economy, not erratic Washington [...]

Manufacturing exceptionalism

Is ‘making things’ so much better for [...]

Samsung heir arrested; Blair’s Brexit rallying cry; Wikipedia’s army

Lee Jae-yong is taken into custody in connection with a massive corruption [...]

Reflation dream cloaks potential political shocks

Investors have become complacent about risks in their desperation for higher [...]

Eurozone to miss Monday deadline for Greek deal

Brussels at odds with IMF, pushing rescue tussle into election [...]