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Ducking the test

The OECD’s new school test in respecting other cultures is being ducked by some leading [...]

Recipe for success

The British food companies who have succeeded in the United States and how they managed [...]

Health trip

Most of us would like to lead long and healthy lives, but what, if anything, can we do to make it [...]

Trump’s choice Jerome Powell approved as Federal Reserve head

The Senate backs the president’s choice, Jerome Powell, for the world’s most powerful economics [...]

Ikea boss says it pays fair share of tax

The head of Ikea Group says the flatpack furniture retailer paid 25% tax last [...]

Car insurance premiums rise for nine successive quarters

Car insurance premiums have risen each quarter since the end of 2015, says the insurance [...]

A DIY guide to Davos jargon

To help you understand Davos, the BBC has compiled a list of the jargon used at the forum – complete with [...]

Road use charges should be tailored to drivers, says report

Drivers should be charged based on factors like time of day and congestion, a new report [...]

Sky-Fox deal not in public interest, says regulator

The regulator says the deal would give the Murdoch family too much control over news providers in the [...]

Pacific trade deal progresses with Canada and without US

Canada joins a new Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is moving forward without the [...]

Trump says no trade war despite Asia outcry over tariffs

Tariffs of up to 50% on imported goods will mostly hit South Korea and [...]

‘Running out of computer power’

The head of tech giant Microsoft says faster machines are needed to solve difficult computing [...]

Pound hits $1.40 for first time since Brexit vote

Sterling extends its rally against the dollar to hit its highest level since the EU [...]

Admiral and M&S insurance firms deny ‘racism’ claims by The Sun

The Sun claims motorists pay more to insure cars if their name is Mohammed, compared to [...]

Kleenex-maker Kimberly-Clark to cut at least 5,000 jobs

US company Kimberly-Clark also plans to close or sell 10 manufacturing [...]

Netflix tunes into subscriber surge

The streaming service adds more than 8 million members in the last three months of [...]

Tesla: Elon Musk links long-term pay to company’s growth

The founder of the electric carmaker will only be paid if Tesla’s market value hits certain [...]

Twitter’s Anthony Noto leaves to join SoFi

The company’s chief operating officer, Anthony Noto, joins social lender SoFi as chief [...]

Twitter’s Anthony Noto leaves to join SoFi

The company’s chief operating officer, Anthony Noto, joins social lender SoFi as chief [...]

Thousands of jobs at risk at Sainsbury’s

The supermarket chain is looking to save £500m over the next three [...]

‘Optimism similar to last crisis’

Current global economic optimism is reminiscent of run-up to 2008 financial crisis, says Barclays [...]

EU creditors to start Greece debt-relief talks

The talks will focus on how to link any debt-relief measures to Greece’s economic [...]

Uber plans shake-up of driver ratings

Customers will be able to opt for drivers who are highly rated and have a nicer [...]

UK government borrowing narrows after EU credit

Government borrowing nearly halved in December from a year earlier, official figures [...]

EasyJet’s new chief kicks off reign with positive news

The airline announces a 14% jump in revenues and senior management [...]

US slaps ‘America First’ tariffs on washing machines and solar panels

Producers in China and South Korea will be hit hardest by President Trump’s trade [...]

National Express signs up as sponsor of the Jockey Club

Coach operator National Express signs up as a partner of horse racing operator the Jockey [...]

Bacardi buys tequila maker Patron in $5.1bn deal

The deal is driven by the growing popularity of high-end tequila brands around the [...]

S Korea bans anonymous cryptocurrency trades

The move is aimed at preventing cryptocurrencies being used for crimes such as money [...]

Sky dreamers

Congestion in cities and fears of climate change are spawning new ideas for air [...]

Davos bound

The World Economic Forum in Davos gets ready for US President Donald [...]

#MeToo hits Davos

Gender equality is high on the Davos agenda this year, but does the elite gathering have its own [...]

Backpack midwife

For many people in remote regions access to healthcare is limited, so tech is coming to their [...]

Davos: the inventions cutting plastic consumption

Campaigners are highlighting innovations that could help cut down on unrecyclable plastic [...]

Manchester United remain football’s top revenue-generator

The Old Trafford club leads the Deloitte global football money league for the 10th [...]

Children ‘need to play more to gain work skills’

A lack of play means children miss out on developing crucial skills, the Lego Foundation [...]

Rupert Murdoch: Facebook should pay for news

Rupert Murdoch says newspapers are not being properly paid by the social network for their [...]

Amazon opens its first grocery store in Seattle – with no tills

No tills? No problem. Inside Amazon’s new, fully automated store, which has no [...]

JLR cuts Land Rover production amid diesel uncertainty

The UK’s biggest car maker will temporarily cut output amid Brexit fears and tax hikes on [...]

Davos explained: In 90 seconds

The World Economic Forum kicks off its meeting in Davos, and this year Donald Trump will be among the [...]

Bosses eye more global growth

Some 57% of chief executives expect the global economy to expand this year, says [...]

Tesco to cut 1,700 shop floor jobs

The UK’s biggest supermarket aims to make £1.5bn in cost savings by [...]

L’Oreal hijab model pulls out of campaign after backlash

Beauty blogger Amena Khan apologises after tweets she wrote in 2014 are branded as ‘anti [...]

Betting shares tumble on report of cut to machine stakes

William Hill and Ladbrokes are hit by suggestions that the maximum bet on machines could be [...]

IMF: Global economic outlook is bright

The IMF’s economic forecast says prospects for the global economy have picked up, especially for Europe and [...]