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Nokia 3310: How long could you survive with a retro phone?

Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones swaps his smartphone for the retro Nokia 3310 for a [...]

Will Opec extend output cuts in bid to push up oil prices?

Opec is hoping to extend existing oil production cuts, in order to push prices [...]

‘There was nothing we could do’

Mexico is the world’s fourth largest car exporter, but could Donald Trump bring this to an [...]

US accuses Fiat Chrysler of using ‘defeat devices’

The software features came in about 104,000 diesel-engine jeeps and trucks sold in the [...]

Trump’s $4.1tr budget takes hatchet to safety net

The White House says it is a “taxpayer first” plan, but even hardline conservatives have [...]

Retailers sag as FTSE 100 slides

London’s stock market dips at the finish on Tuesday after spending the day in positive [...]

German police raid Daimler offices

Eleven sites belonging to the Mercedes-Benz owners are searched by 230 police [...]

SFO to investigate pension liberation scams

Investors who signed over their pension savings to rogue firms have lost at least [...]

Firms pledge to recruit more over-50s

Aviva, Barclays and Atos are publishing data about the age of their workforce to boost over-50s [...]

How does Britain work?

The way we work is changing. Here’s a breakdown of how people in the UK are [...]

Apple and Nokia to ‘co-operate’ after settling patent row

The two technology firms have ended a dispute over the use of Nokia’s [...]

Further signs of UK property slowdown in April

Both the number of transactions in the UK and the number of mortgages being taken out fell in [...]

Government borrowing at three-year April high

The Office for National Statistics says the government borrowed £10.4bn last [...]

Nationwide profits hit by low interest rates

The building society says profits fell after it sought to protect savers from last year’s rate [...]

Scotland sees record foreign investment

The EY Scotland Attractiveness Survey showed Scotland is the second most popular part of the UK to invest in behind [...]

Greece fails to secure fresh bailout funds

Talks with eurozone ministers are expected to continue ahead of the next official meeting on 15 [...]

Cuban revolution

As the internet becomes more widespread in Cuba, online start-ups are emerging. But challenges [...]

Amazon adds live TV channels to Prime Video

Live channels including Eurosport and Discovery will be offered for an extra [...]

Business is blooming for women start-ups

More and more women in the UK are setting up their own firms as a way of reconciling the demands of work and [...]

The mum whose home-based business is blooming

Dani Bolser built a business at home to balance work and [...]

Election 2017: What jobs do UK workers actually do?

Who are the ‘hard-working’ and ‘ordinary’ people that politicians love to appeal [...]

What manifestos say about productivity

Boosting productivity is one of the key challenges for the economy. How do the parties plan to do [...]

Debt fears remain despite manifesto ‘breathing space’ plans

Pledges should bring legal backing for those in serious debt – but charities say borrowing risks [...]

Ford chairman denies that he fired chief executive

The ousting of Mark Fields comes as Ford battles weak sales, a falling share price and lower [...]

FTSE 100 rises as sterling weakens

The UK’s benchmark share index sees broad-based gains as the pound fluctuates around the $1.30 [...]

CMA to examine Aberdeen/Standard Life merger

The Competition and Markets Authority will examine the Standard Life/Aberdeen Asset Management [...]

Reality Check: How does government borrowing compare?

Have the governments since 2010 borrowed more than all Labour governments and is that a fair [...]

EU’s Barnier refuses to imagine UK Brexit talks walkout

The European Union’s Brexit negotiator says no deal is not an option in talks due to start on 19 [...]

AA calls for crackdown on sharing dashcam video

The next government is being urged to consider new rules on the sharing of dashcam [...]

Portugal back to fiscal health, says EU

The country wins plaudits from the European Commission after its budget deficit falls to 2% of [...]

Arsenal: Stan Kroenke says Gunners shares ‘are not, and have never been, for sale’

Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke says his shares in the club “are not, and have never been, for [...]

UK firm designs ‘world’s most affordable solar lamp’

Manchester’s Inventid designed the SM100 solar light, which retails for $5 in African [...]

RBS court battle with investors adjourned

Both sides agree to a 24-hour delay to allow a higher offer by the bank to be [...]

Leaks ‘expose peculiar Facebook moderation policy’

The “inconsistent” rules used to judge and censor content on Facebook are exposed, claim [...]

EU accused of anti-City ‘protectionism’

Conservative ex-treasurer Michael Spencer denounces moves to strip London of key financial [...]

‘Car boot-sale’ diamond set to fetch £350,000 at auction

The owner thought the £10 ring with an “exceptionally sized” stone was a costume [...]

Workers ‘suffer £200 pay cut’ to fund pension deficits

Younger workers are suffering at the expense of older ones, according to the Resolution [...]

Billionaire makes ‘biggest philanthropic gift’ by living Australian

Billionaire Andrew Forrest and his wife, Nicola, will give A$400m (£229m; $298m) to [...]

Cathay Pacific cuts hundreds of jobs in major shake-up

The staff shake-up marks the biggest round of cuts in two [...]

Car vending machine: We try out the novel Singapore dealership

This luxury car showroom in Singapore has found a novel way to put its vehicles on [...]

CEO Secrets: ‘Life’s not a movie, be patient’

Vue International CEO Tim Richards says rushing potential investors is never a good [...]

Reproductive rebels

Contraception wasn’t just socially groundbreaking – it also changed the professional [...]

Dough kidding

How strict quality control and unusual Asian toppings helped a Japanese expat build a popular pizza chain in [...]

How much household debt do we owe?

Steph McGovern examines how much we [...]

Church of England fund sees ‘stellar’ returns

The Church fund made a 17.1% on its 2016 investments, more than double the 8.2% it made in [...]