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U.S. Consumer Prices Rose 0.1% in July

Consumer prices advanced in July at their slowest pace since February, which could give the Federal Reserve more flexibility to maintain policies designed to stimulate stronger economic [...]

U.S. Home Size Levels Off, for Now at Least

The two-year trend of big houses getting even bigger appears to have peaked—at least for now—as more buyers seeking modest homes enter the [...]

Thai Air Force Chief Battles Ailing Economy

Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, in his role as Thailand’s economics czar, is working to lure foreign investment to bankroll the ruling military junta’s ambitious spending [...]

Bundesbank Warns on German Growth

Germany’s Bundesbank has warned that global tensions such as the crisis in Ukraine are weighing on the outlook for Europe’s largest economy, putting assumptions about the strength of the country’s growth at [...]

In Phoenix, a Realty Check as Market Moderates

Phoenix stands as a prime example of how some of the country’s hottest housing markets are struggling to pass the baton from bargain-hunting investors to traditional buyers. [...]

Treasury to Address Inversions

Treasury officials are assembling administrative options for Secretary Jacob Lew to consider on ways to deter or prevent U.S. companies from reorganizing [...]

Small-Business Lending Is Stuck in the Slow Lane

Small-business lending has been stuck in a slow, grinding recovery behind most other types of business and consumer [...]

Fed Bets It Won’t Fall Behind Curve on Rates

Many economists fear the Fed will wait too long before raising interest rates, but officials believe markets and economic indicators aren’t signaling an economy near [...]

U.S. Home-Builder Optimism Rises

Home builders grew more optimistic in August as an improving job market and falling mortgage rates boosted the outlook for home [...]

Argentina Says Consumer Prices Rose 1.4% in July

Argentine consumer prices rose 1.4% on the month in July as the cost of everything from drinks and entertainment to school tuition and home appliances edged [...]

Lehman Brokerage Creditors to Get $4.6 Billion

Nearly six years after Lehman Brothers Holdings collapsed into bankruptcy, unsecured creditors of the investment bank’s brokerage are finally getting [...]

U.S. Factory Output Up in July, Gaining Momentum

U.S. industrial production rose steadily in July, a sign that the economy carried momentum into the second half of the [...]

Fitch Upgrades Ireland

Fitch Ratings on Friday upgraded Ireland’s credit rating one notch to A-minus and the country ceiling to triple-A, the highest rating, citing the country’s improved fiscal [...]

Canada Adds 41,700 Jobs in July in Restated Report

Revised July employment data from Canada’s statistics agency Friday showed a much stronger-than-expected gain in jobs and lower unemployment rate, though economists maintain the results don’t alter the bigger picture of a lackluster Canadian labor [...]

U.S. Producer Prices Rise 0.1%

A gauge of U.S. prices rose slightly in July, a sign that inflationary pressures remain modest across the U.S. [...]

Euro Zone’s Economy Fails to Grow

The euro-zone economy stalled in the second quarter, raising the ugly prospect that the region’s recent weak recovery after its long debt crisis has already lost momentum as it faces fresh headwinds from Russia and Ukraine. [...]

Americans Borrow for Cars, Less So for Homes

Americans showed a selective willingness to borrow during the spring, taking out new auto loans at the fastest pace in nearly eight years while fresh home loans tumbled to the lowest level since 2000. [...]

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise

New applications for unemployment benefits rose last week but remained near eight-year [...]

Petroleum Dents U.S. Import Prices

Prices for goods imported to the U.S. fell in July, dragged down by a drop in the price of petroleum. [...]

U.S. Retail Sales Flat in July

A standstill in the nation’s retail sector in July showed the U.S. economy still struggling to lift off as improvement in the labor market fails to deliver stronger wage and spending [...]

China Stimulus Has Little Impact

Economic data suggested that recent stimulus measures have done little to improve two weak corners of China’s economy—wariness about lending and a struggling property [...]

Dollar Rises Against Pound, Yen

The dollar rose to a near-four-month high against the British pound and gained against the yen Wednesday after investors reaffirmed their expectations for higher U.S. interest [...]

Banks Push to Delay Rule on Investments

Banks are pressing U.S. policy makers for a multiyear delay of a rule requiring them to sell investments in private-equity and venture-capital funds, the latest industry push to scale back a central provision of the 2010 Dodd-Frank [...]

Behind the Collapse of Espírito Santo

Regulators believe Swiss financial company Eurofin played a key role in financing failed Espírito Santo [...]

Italy Battles to Fund Recovery

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is scrambling to reinvigorate the country’s sclerotic economy but is running up against a shortage of resources to finance his ambitious [...]

Japan’s GDP Shrinks 6.8%

Japan’s economy contracted sharply in the second quarter as households and businesses cut spending after a sales-tax rise in April. How long the chill lasts could be critical to Prime Minister Abe’s efforts to stoke [...]

Home-Price Growth Slowing Down

Home-price appreciation is slowing, a trend that could be good for potential buyers looking for an opportunity to jump into the market, but bad for homeowners still looking for relief from underwater [...]

Job Openings Hit 13-Year High

The number of job openings across the U.S. economy reached a 13-year high in June and workers showed increasing willingness to quit, signaling steady improvement in the labor [...]

U.S. Budget Deficit Narrowed in July

The U.S. budget deficit narrowed again in July due to tax revenue increasing at a faster pace than government spending. The year-to-date deficit was the smallest since [...]

Italy’s Problem Is Europe’s Problem

Europe File: The real question has always been whether the euro survives on German or Italian [...]

A Cheaper Choice for College Loans

Some private college loans now carry lower rates than federal Plus loans, a reversal from as recently as a year [...]

Decline in ‘Slack’ Helps Fed Gauge Recovery

The Outlook: U.S. factories that were idled during the recession are now humming with activity. Conditions aren’t quite back to what was normal before the 2008 financial [...]

Renters Sing the Blues in Music City

In Nashville, Tenn., and some other smaller metro areas, rent increases are squeezing residents who are paying a larger percentage of their income to [...]

Here’s a Tip: Numbers Don’t Add Up for Most Waiters and Waitresses

The American system of tipping holds the promise of great rewards for waiters and waitresses, but for most servers the numbers don’t bear that [...]

U.S. Productivity Rises at 2.5% Pace in Second Quarter

The productivity of U.S. workers improved only modestly in the second quarter, suggesting that businesses relied in part on employees working more hours to drive the spring’s economic rebound. [...]

Credit-Score Math Recalculated

A change in how the most widely used credit score in the U.S. is tallied will likely make it easier for tens of millions of Americans to get [...]

WSJ Survey: Economists See Second-Half GDP Growth of 3%

The U.S. economy looks set to steadily accelerate after a weather-pummeled first-half crawl, but the most upbeat economists in The Wall Street Journal’s monthly forecasting survey say the business sector holds the key to even stronger growth during the second [...]

Poll: College Loan Burden Lingers

People who take out significant college loans score worse on quality-of-life measures, a trend that persists into middle age, according to a recent poll of college graduates. [...]

China Exports Surge

China’s exports surged while imports fell in July. The news was largely welcome in an economy that has been struggling to regain momentum, but negative import growth highlights continued weak domestic [...]

Fannie, Freddie Settle Into New Norm

Mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reported weaker second-quarter earnings amid a decline in income from crisis-era settlement [...]

Fresh Foreclosure Cases Fall to Lowest Level Since 2006

The rate of fresh foreclosure proceedings has fallen to the lowest level in eight years, the latest evidence that an improving economy and rising home values are preventing greater numbers of homeowners from falling [...]

Putin’s Sanctions ‘Insignificant’ for U.S. Economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ban on many key food imports will further isolate Moscow, hurt Russia’s economy and have an “insignificant” impact on U.S. growth, U.S. officials [...]

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 289,000

New applications for unemployment benefits fell last week to this year’s second-lowest level, a new sign of an improving labor [...]

Male-Female Split on Economic Issues Promises to Shape Midterm Elections

Men and women are far apart in their views of the economy and economic opportunity—according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll—differences that help explain a gap in their outlook on politics that could shape the midterm [...]

Trade Gap Narrows Sharply as Imports Tumble

Imports into the U.S. posted the sharpest decline in a year in June, helping to narrow the trade deficit but possibly signaling an easing of domestic consumer [...]

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