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Regulator: Pact With Lenders Could Expand Mortgage Access

A top federal housing regulator in a speech Monday said Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and lenders had reached an agreement in principle that could expand access to mortgages for many [...]

China Growth Seen Slowing Sharply

China’s growth will slow sharply during the coming decade to 3.9% as its productivity nose dives and the country’s leaders fail to push through tough measures to remake the economy, according to a report by the business-research group the Conference [...]

Despite Uncertainty, Fed Holds Steady

The Fed is likely to end its bond-buying program this month even as market volatility and uncertainties about the global economy have rattled investors and led to some mixed messages from central-bank [...]

Gauging Economic Fear Factor

The Outlook: Transmitted through bodily fluids, Ebola isn’t nearly as contagious as airborne diseases such as influenza. But its spread has produced real risks of economic [...]

The Eurozone’s Problems Are Based in Politics

Europe File: Some say the euro crisis is back; others argue that it never really went away. [...]

Pension Funds Eye Reducing Hedge-Fund Investments

Pension-fund managers across the U.S. are rethinking their investments in hedge funds in the wake of a retreat by the California Public Employees’ Retirement [...]

Yellen Decries Wealth Disparity

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said rising inequality of wealth and income in the U.S. was impeding the economic mobility at the heart of American [...]

Banks Charge for Euro Deposits

Several global banks have begun charging large customers to deposit their money in euros, a rare move that could have costly implications for investors and companies that do business on the [...]

U.S. Housing Starts Up 6.3% in September

U.S. home building rebounded in September on the strength of apartment construction, a category that provides less of an economic boost than single-family [...]

Fannie, Freddie Set to Loosen Lending

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, their regulator and lenders are close to an agreement that could greatly expand mortgage credit while helping lenders protect themselves from charges of making bad [...]

Growth Fears Grip a Divided Europe

Echoes of the debt crisis reverberated across the eurozone amid mounting concern about the region’s stalled economic recovery and gridlock in the political system called upon to fix [...]

Manufacturers, Employers Remain Steady Amid Tumult

U.S. economic activity appears to be holding steady despite market convulsions over fears of a global slowdown, with American manufacturers and employers showing new signs of [...]

Mortgage Rates Below 4%

Mortgage rates this week fell to their lowest level since June 2013, mortgage-finance company Freddie Mac said Thursday, as the jitters being felt in the stock and bond markets ripple throughout the [...]

Deflation Risk Feeds Global Fears

Behind the spate of market turmoil lurks a worry that top policy makers thought they had beaten back a few years ago: the specter of [...]

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 14-Year Low

The number of new claims for jobless benefits fell by 23,000 to a seasonally adjusted 264,000 last week, the latest sign of an improving labor [...]

Home-Builder Confidence Falls

A gauge of home-builder sentiment fell in October, the latest in a string of mixed signals for the U.S. housing [...]

Treasury Wants More Eurozone Effort

In its semiannual report to Congress, the U.S. Treasury Department urged Germany to do more to simulate growth in the eurozone and took China and South Korea to task over currency [...]

Italy, France Challenge Europe Over Spending

Italy’s government unveiled a 2015 budget that could set it on a collision course with European Union officials. France also intends to run bigger deficits for longer than previously [...]

U.S. Budget Deficit Returns to Prerecession Levels

The U.S. government’s budget deficit narrowed in its 2014 fiscal year to its lowest level in six years as an improving economy boosted tax [...]

Consumer Caution Dents Retailers’ Holiday Hopes

Spending at U.S. retailers declined in September, raising concerns about the strength of American consumers heading into the holiday-shopping season. [...]

Fed Survey Finds ‘Subdued’ Price Gains, ‘Modest’ Wage Growth

Price gains remain “subdued” across the U.S. economy and wage growth has been “modest” outside of a few high-demand fields, according to the Fed’s latest survey of regional economic [...]

China Consumer Inflation Eases

Consumer prices in September rose at their slowest pace in more than four years, underscoring continued weakness in the Chinese [...]

Europe at Odds Over Economy Fix

A standoff among the ECB, Germany and other governments threatens to prevent a coordinated response as Europe’s economy slides toward a third recession in six [...]

U.S. Inflation Gauge Turns Lower

A gauge of U.S. inflation dropped in September for the first time all year, pulled lower by falling fuel [...]

Bank of Korea Cuts Base Rate

South Korea’s central bank trimmed its economic forecast and cut its benchmark interest rate to 2%, matching a record low set in the aftermath of the global financial [...]

Europe’s Highest Court Hears Clash on ECB Policy

The European Central Bank’s Outright Monetary Transactions program might have saved the euro, but the European Court of Justice has begun hearing a case that claims it was [...]

Germany Seen Close to Recession

Germany’s ZEW institute doesn’t rule out a recession in Germany, after a plunge in the ZEW sentiment survey. [...]

U.K. Inflation Surprisingly Weak

A steep decline fuel prices led inflation in the U.K. to slow more than expected, easing pressure on the Bank of England for an early rate [...]

Tirole Wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Jean Tirole, a French economist whose theories about the behavior of large companies underpin modern antitrust regulation, has won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic [...]

Germany, France Ask Economists for Advice to Avoid ‘Lost Decade’

Germany and France asked two prominent economists for policy advice on countering prolonged economic stagnation in Europe in an attempt to bridge a growing divide between the two [...]

Global Slowdown Threatens Recovery

Gathering signs of a slowdown across many parts of the world are roiling markets and confounding policy makers, who after years of battling anemic growth have limited tools left to jump-start a recovery. [...]

Japan’s Tax Decision a Global Bellwether

Japan’s decision of whether to approve a boost in its sales tax resembles debates roiling maturing economies: Is it more urgent to grow faster or to pay down debt before a country grows too old to cover [...]

Fed’s Tarullo Concerned About U.S. Productivity

Federal Reserve Gov. Daniel Tarullo expressed concern Saturday about global economic growth, saying he sees “more downside risks than upside risks” in the world’s major economies. [...]

U.S. Import Prices Fall 0.5%

Prices of goods imported to the U.S. fell for the third straight month in September, the latest sign that lackluster global growth and a stronger dollar are tamping down inflationary [...]

German Export Drop Fuels Fears

A drop in German exports added to a string of ugly data for Europe’s biggest economy, suggesting Germany’s growth has faltered and the country might even be in a shallow [...]

Conditions Ripe for Stronger Growth, WSJ Survey Says

Faster job growth and stronger consumer confidence are already putting the U.S. expansion on a steady trajectory heading into 2015. Now, falling energy prices are offering another boost, according to The Wall Street Journal’s monthly survey of economists. [...]

Bernanke Defends AIG Rescue

Former Fed Chairman Bernanke took the stand to defend the government’s 2008 rescue of American International [...]

Chicago Toll Road Gets Go-Ahead

A regional transportation body voted to move forward on a $1.5 billion public-private toll-road project outside Chicago, a day after a different group of local officials tried to kill [...]

Manufacturing Wages Rise Fast in Some States

Manufacturing wages are rising rapidly in some big industrial areas as skills shortages and falling jobless rates force firms to pay up to attract [...]

U.S. Holiday Sales Expected to Rise 4%

The International Council of Shopping Centers projected that sales during the holiday shopping season will increase 4%, which would mark the strongest growth in three years for the crucial retail selling [...]

Jobless Claims Fall to 287,000

The number of new claims for jobless benefits fell again last week, the latest sign of an improving labor [...]

Fuel Efficiency Slows as SUV Sales Rise

The pace of improvement in fuel economy, now at a record 24.1 miles a gallon, is slowing as cheaper gas encourages consumers to buy trucks and sport-utility vehicles, new figures from the EPA [...]

Germany Looks to Spur Growth

As Germany’s growth slows, its government is faced with a quandary: How to boost the economy without abandoning the fiscal rectitude it has championed as a way out of the eurozone’s [...]

Fed Wary on Global Growth, Strong Dollar

Fed officials have become more concerned that weak overseas growth and a strengthening U.S. dollar will crimp the domestic economy and hold down inflation, making them more inclined to stick to low interest [...]

Renzi Wins Vote on Labor Proposals

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi won a Senate vote on proposals to overhaul Italy’s rigid labor market, marking a first step for the most ambitious economic legislation of his eight-month-old [...]

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