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U.K. Growth Data Fuel Election Debate

The British economy grew at a faster pace than previously thought in 2014, according to new data that give fresh ammunition to both the country’s main political parties ahead of Britain’s upcoming [...]

Growth in Home Prices Moderates, but Affordability Still Faces Headwinds

Home prices started 2015 registering modest growth, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index report. Even so, home values are growing far faster than average wages [...]

Economist John Makin, an Early Thinker on Globalization, Dies at 71

John Makin, an economist who specialized in monetary policy and international finance, died in New York on Monday of cancer. He was 71. [...]

Rents Fall, Vacancies Rise as Moscow Confronts Flagging Economy

The empty storefronts and for-rent signs that pockmark the upscale shopping strip of Tverskaya Street illustrate impact of the ruble’s collapse and Russia’s broader economic troubles on commercial real [...]

Regulators Intensify Scrutiny of Bank Boards

U.S. regulators are zeroing in on Wall Street boardrooms as part of the government’s intensified scrutiny of the banking system, shifting from light-touch oversight of bank directors to regular and intense [...]

Wintry Hit Seen in Soft Spending

Americans are deferring spending for now in favor of saving, a cautiousness that has restrained broader economic growth despite signs household outlays may rebound later in the [...]

Tax Plans Would Move U.S. Closer to Norm

The Outlook: U.S. lawmakers on both sides increasingly are finding appeal in an ambitious concept for overhauling the income-tax system: a tax based on consumption, a tool long used around the [...]

Japan Industrial Output Falls

Japanese industrial production contracted for the first time in three months in February, the latest data indicating continued sluggishness in Japan’s [...]

Fed’s Yellen Pitches Cautious Tack on Rate Increases

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen laid out a case for a “gradualist approach” to interest-rate increases in the years ahead, spelling out in greater detail than she has before the risks of moving too aggressively to tighten U.S. [...]

Economic Growth, Corporate Profits Slowed as 2014 Ended

The U.S. economy slowed in the final months of 2014 and corporate profits fell, putting the growth trajectory on a lower path ahead of an apparent slowdown early this [...]

March Consumer-Sentiment Index Slips

U.S. consumer optimism slipped in March as a slight bump in gasoline prices and bad weather weighed on lower-income [...]

Durable-Goods Orders Fall, Raising Worries Over GDP Growth

Businesses cut orders on big-ticket items and continued to postpone investment last month, further evidence of the economy slowing sharply at the start of the [...]

India’s Jaitley Asks for Patience

Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has a simple message for critics pushing for deeper change in the economic policies of the world’s largest democracy: It’s coming, be [...]

Has Japan’s ‘Big Bazooka’ Misfired?

Japan is drifting back toward deflation, underscoring the continuing difficulties in pulling the world’s third-largest economy out of its long [...]

White House Stays Course on Homeownership Push

Officials at the White House and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are close to tapping Edward Golding, a senior adviser at HUD, to lead the Federal Housing [...]

Dynamic Scoring: A Potential Super Model

Capital Account: Chief economics commentator Greg Ip says estimating the costs of policy using dynamic scoring shouldn’t be feared if the estimates and assumptions are transparent and rigorous. [...]

Wabash Shows Another Side of the Economic Divide

Employment in the small Rust Belt city fell nearly 15% during the recession and remains off by 10%. The situation could be worse were it not for local leaders who saw that the Indiana community’s survival depended on it being more like cities that are drawing residents [...]

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall

The number of Americans seeking first-time unemployment benefits fell last week, the latest sign of an improving labor [...]

Inflation, New-Home Sales Look Solid

A pickup in consumer prices and higher demand for new homes point to a firming in two areas of recent concern for the economy, potentially reassuring the Federal Reserve as it considers raising interest rates later this [...]

U.S. Government Bonds Strengthen

U.S. government bonds strengthened for a third straight session, sending the yield on the benchmark 10-year note to the lowest level in more than six [...]

U.S. Car-Making Boom? Not for Workers

U.S. auto production is nearing all-time highs, but American-made vehicles are increasingly loaded with parts imported from Mexico, China and other [...]

U.S. New-Home Sales Rise

New-home sales rose to the highest level in seven years in February, a sign of strong demand that could help boost the broader U.S. housing market. [...]

The Fed’s Miserable Mystery Tour

Ahead of the Tape: Inflation and unemployment readings leave the central bank’s rate setters with a tough road to [...]

U.S. Existing-Home Sales Up 1.2%

Sales of previously owned homes ticked up last month, but buyers are facing a dynamic of rising home prices and shrinking inventory that make homes less [...]

Oil Price Drop Hurts Business Investment

The Outlook:The collapse in oil prices is spurring significant cutbacks for the energy-production [...]

Fed Puts Interest-Rate Hikes in Play

The Federal Reserve opened a door to raising short-term rates by midyear but offered several reasons it is still in no great rush to act. It said it would move when it is reasonably confident low inflation is on track to return to its 2% [...]

U.S. Plans to Work With China-Led Infrastructure Fund

The Obama administration is proposing a formal partnership between Beijing’s new development bank and Washington-backed development institutions, such as the World [...]

Torrent of Cash Exits Eurozone

A major shift in the flow of money around the globe is driving down the euro at a rapid clip, boosting the U.S. dollar and leaving smaller countries to struggle with the consequence of an extraordinary [...]

CPI vs. PCE: Untangling the Alphabet Soup of Inflation Gauges

The Numbers: Columnist Jo Craven McGinty explores two inflation gauges—the personal consumption expenditures price index and the consumer-price index—and how they are [...]

Anxious Freshmen Declare Majors Faster

Worried about job prospects and debt, the class of 2018 was much more likely to declare a major during freshman year than their counterparts before the [...]

Fed Pushes, Pulls on Rate Riddle

It is known in bond circles as “the conundrum.” And it may become Janet Yellen’s next big challenge: pushing up long-term interest [...]

Cities See Rise in Underwater Owners

In 21 of the 50 biggest U.S. housing markets, the number of borrowers who owe more on their homes than the homes are worth increased during the fourth quarter, according to Zillow, though the overall picture improved [...]

Continuing Jobless Claims Near a Low, and That May Not Be Good

A historically low share of unemployed Americans is tapping unemployment benefits, a development that on its face seems good but one that may be masking the degree of slack in the labor market. [...]

Fed’s Tarullo Backs Raising ‘Systemically Important’ Threshold

Federal Reserve governor Daniel Tarullo reiterated his support for reducing the regulatory burden on certain [...]

Low Inflation Argues for Fed Patience

Capital Account: The U.S. economy will be better positioned for the next recession if interest rates are higher when the downturn starts—yet the best way to achieve that may be to keep rates lower now, Greg Ip [...]

U.S. Jobless Claims Up Slightly

The number of Americans seeking first-time unemployment benefits rose slightly last week, but remains consistent with an economy that’s adding [...]

Osborne at Height of Monetary Activism

Europe File: George Osborne took office promising to be a fiscal conservative and a monetary activist. His record as U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer suggests that he only managed to live up to half that promise, says Simon [...]

Pre-Election Budget in U.K. Sees More Squeezed Spending

Before the May election, the Treasury chief said Britain’s public finances are in slightly better shape than previously thought, but the squeeze on spending will contine for several years. [...]

Sweden Pushes Rates Further Below Zero

Sweden’s central bank cut its main interest rate further into negative territory and will increase bond [...]

Japan Export Growth Slows

Japanese exports rose for a sixth consecutive month in February, but falling volumes point to headwinds that may prevent a mild recovery from gaining [...]

Japan Companies Grant Biggest Pay Raises in Years

Japan’s biggest companies, including Toyota and Nissan, are granting employees the biggest pay increases in years, after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on them to share the [...]

OECD Cuts Canada Growth Views on Slumping Oil

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development cut its growth expectations for Canada on Wednesday as the impact of slumping oil prices works its way through the [...]

Fed to Markets: No More Promises

After years of reassuring the public that interest rates would stay low, the Federal Reserve is about to create some uncertainty by veering away from such [...]

Looming Recession Unsettles Russian Boom City

Russia’s ailing economy, hurt by the ruble’s decline and falling oil prices, has rattled consumers and businesses, including in the once booming city of [...]

California’s Housing Costs Hurt Economy, Increase Poverty, Report Finds

California’s high housing costs are crimping economic productivity, increasing poverty rates, lowering homeownership, increasing crowding and lengthening commute times, a new state report [...]