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Lenders Ease Mortgage Rules in Hunt for Business

Mortgage lenders are beginning to ease the restrictive lending standards enacted after the housing boom turned to bust, a sign of their rising confidence in the housing [...]

Towns Taxed by More Homes, Fewer Stores

As builders pivot from commercial to residential development, municipalities in many Western states face a problem: a drop in sales-tax receipts and higher [...]

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise Slightly

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week but remained near a seven-year low, a sign of a strengthening labor market. [...]

Economist Honored for Work on Media Slant

An economist known for pioneering work on slanted coverage in the news media won the John Bates Clark Medal, one of the profession’s most prestigious honors. [...]

Tax Refunds May Fuel Retail Windfall

Ahead of the Tape: Nearly 80% of the tax returns processed through April 4 resulted in a refund averaging $2,792. That bodes well for the nation’s retailers in the months [...]

Citi Received Mixed Signals on ‘Stress Test’

The Federal Reserve’s New York office indicated to Citigroup that the bank would have more time to fix certain “stress test” planning problems before Fed officials in Washington last month gave it a failing grade. [...]

Drop in Tech Stocks Hits Startup Funding

Tech stocks have taken a pounding over the past month, putting pressure on the ecosystem for financing startups and taking them [...]

Banks Ramp Up Business Lending

Banks are boosting their lending to businesses, providing fuel for companies to increase spending on workers and equipment as the economy [...]

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise Slightly

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week but remained near a seven-year low, indicating an improving labor [...]

Yellen Stakes Out a Flexible Policy Path

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen left markets comforted and reassured about continued low interest rates after a speech that emphasized her focus on low inflation and economic [...]

Economy Thawing, Survey Finds

The economy strengthened across a broad swath of the country in recent weeks, according to the Fed’s “beige book” of regional conditions, further evidence of the recovery springing back to life after a winter [...]

Treasury Turns Its Gaze to Municipal-Bond Market

The department is forming a new unit to broadly monitor the municipal-bond market, with a focus on troubled [...]

BofA in Settlement Talks Over Mortgage Securities

Bank of America is engaged in multibillion-dollar settlement talks with the Justice Department to end investigations into shoddy residential mortgage backed [...]

Housing Market Slow to Hit Its Spring Stride

A flurry of recent housing data suggests that the market’s spring selling season is getting off to a slow start, a worrisome sign after a winter of expectations that warmer weather would rekindle growth. [...]

China Growth Slows to 7.4%

China’s GDP growth slipped in the first quarter to its slowest level in 18 months as the world’s second-largest economy continued to downshift. [...]

U.S. Industrial Production Rises

U.S. industrial production rose in March, moving beyond a lackluster winter and showing potential to gain strength in the coming months. [...]

RBC to Close Proprietary-Trading Desk

The Global Arbitrage and Trading arm will be spun off into a hedge fund, a victory for U.S. regulators trying to cut down on banks making big bets with their own [...]

U.S. Home Builder Confidence Still Subdued in April

U.S. home builders remained downbeat in April, a sign the housing market remains shaky with the arrival of [...]

Fed Official More Worried About Deflation Than Inflation

Despite gradual economic recovery, inflation doesn’t appear to be a pressing concern now, or in the near future, Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Narayana Kocherlakota said at a town hall forum in North Dakota [...]

Yellen Lays Groundwork for Rules on Short-Term Credit Markets

The Fed chairwoman said reining in “shadow banks” that operate in the multitrillion-dollar short-term markets may provide “social gains” that outweigh the [...]

Broker Records to Get Scrutiny

Securities regulators are expected to unveil plans to step up checks on stockbrokers’ records, including requiring brokerage firms for the first time to do formal background checks on new [...]

U.S. Consumer Prices Rise Slightly

Higher housing and food costs helped lift overall consumer prices last month, a development that could reassure some Fed officials as they roll back their easy-money [...]

U.S. Retail Sales Surge 1.1%

Strong sales at U.S. retailers in March offered fresh evidence of the economy thawing out after a winter [...]

Nonprofits Caught in Pension Crossfire

Several well-known nonprofits are caught in a tussle between billionaire donor John Arnold, who advocates overhauling public pensions, and multimillion-member [...]

India’s Workers Abandon Cities

Few manufacturing jobs, plus high inflation and rural entitlement programs, are creating a push-me pull-you effect that is stalling India’s [...]

CBO Sees U.S. Deficit Shrinking More Than Expected in 2014

Congressional Budget Office predicts gap between U.S. government spending and revenue will fall to $492 billion, or 2.8% of gross domestic [...]

IMF Members Weigh Options to Sidestep U.S. Congress on Overhaul

The U.S. would lose its veto power on the International Monetary Fund’s executive board under a plan being considered by some emerging economies. The countries are fed up with the United States’ failure to ratify a four-year-old [...]

Euro-Zone Industrial Output Rises

Industrial production across the 18 countries that share the euro rose slightly in February, although output in many of the currency area’s troubled southern members [...]

Greek Primary Budget Surplus Surpasses Target

Greece’s primary budget beat its targets for the first three months of the year, data from the Finance Ministry [...]

Top Earners Feel the Bite of Tax Increases

The Outlook: The jump in federal tax rates that kicked in last year is causing sticker shock for many higher earners this tax [...]

WTO Raises Global Trade Forecast

The World Trade Organization narrowly upgraded its 2014 forecast for global trade but cautioned that growth remained well below the long-term [...]

The Tide Turns for Greece—and the Euro Zone

Europe File: Greece’s return to the bond markets last week was a symbolically important moment for the euro crisis, writes Simon [...]

Further Euro Strength Could Trigger More Easing

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi ratcheted up his warnings about the strong euro, saying a further rise in the exchange rate would trigger additional monetary easing to keep inflation from falling too [...]

GM’s Opel Speeds Path to Profit

GM’s Opel European unit appears to be on the cusp of breaking even before its 2016 target date—welcome news as the U.S. auto maker contends with a massive [...]

IMF Warns on Low Inflation

Top finance officials stepped up warnings about low inflation during weekend meetings of the International Monetary Fund, calling for action to combat downward price pressures that threaten consumption and stymie debt [...]

ECB’s Coeure: Asset Purchases May Be Tool to Fight Too-Low Inflation

The European Central Bank may consider purchases of assets to hold down long-term interest rates, ECB executive board member Benoit [...]

In Equal-Pay Debate, Disparity Is in the Details

President Barack Obama sought to energize lawmakers and activists this week when he repeatedly highlighted that women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn, galvanizing an army of statisticians and [...]

Kocherlakota: Targeted Tax Cut Could Boost Economy

A tax break for businesses that invest in research and development could be “an effective form of stimulus” for the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis president [...]

Fortunes Shift for Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan

Wells Fargo showed that lending to consumers and businesses can be more lucrative than being a big player on Wall [...]

GOP Fissures Show Over Ex-Im Bank Charter

House Republicans are splintering over whether to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, testing the united front the party was seeking to maintain in a midterm election [...]

Greece Moves Closer to Normal

Greece wrapped up its first longer-term bond sale since its international bailout four years ago to strong demand, although the celebratory mood was marred by a predawn bomb blast in Athens. [...]

U.S. Producer Prices Rise 0.5%

A gauge of U.S. inflation surged in March, driven by volatile categories that may not push broader price measures out of their long stretch of [...]

U.S. Prepared to Ramp Up Sanctions Over Ukraine, Lew Warns Russia

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told his Russian counterpart the U.S. is prepared to ramp up sanctions against Moscow over its actions in Ukraine, the Treasury Department [...]

China Braces to Miss Growth Target

China’s premier offered the strongest and most public signal yet that the country is bracing for a new low in growth, as officials reported a surprise drop in [...]

Trouble Brews Behind Greece’s Good News

Analysis: Not all is well with Greece’s economic resurrection, even after a successful return to selling longer-term [...]

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