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Riksbank pushes back rate rise forecast, sparking sharp krona drop

Sweden’s central bank will also purchase €4.2bn in government bonds from July to December [...]

Rich nations urged to prepare workers for automation

Technological change driving ‘creative destruction’ in jobs market, says [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories 

Your daily briefing on the [...]

Bank of Japan vows to hold rates at zero until spring 2020

Central bank’s forward guidance suggests inflation target remains a long way [...]

S Korea hit by worst contraction since financial crisis

Grim economic data will put further pressure on President Moon to boost [...]

The fiscal turn: America learns to love budget deficits

The trend towards looser fiscal policy could mark the biggest shift in economic thinking in a [...]

Can wage growth upset the US market rally?

Extent to which the tight labour market will feed through into CPI is hotly [...]

Pence hits the road to save new Trump trade deal

Vice-president styles himself as salesman for critical agreement with Canada and [...]

Argentine borrowing costs soar as dollar hits two-year high

Next BoE governor will need exceptional skills

Mark Carney’s successor must grapple with Brexit aftermath and political [...]

German business leaders turn unexpectedly gloomier in April — Ifo

Confidence in Europe’s biggest economy weakens, research group [...]

Trade wars “would hurt US worst”, ECB says

Further escalation of tensions could knock 2 per cent off US GDP, research [...]

America’s dollar privilege is not exactly exorbitant

Generous yields on US Treasuries undermine critics of greenback’s reserve currency [...]

Australian dollar drops 1% on subdued inflation  

Mnuchin and Lighthizer to head to Beijing as trade talks resume

Talks to focus on stubborn hurdles of intellectual property, technology [...]

S Korea eyes $5.9bn budget boost to tackle pollution and exports

EU industrial chief vows to bring back jobs from China

Carl-Henric Svanberg rejects US model in favour of ‘more sustainable’ stakeholder [...]

Women and economics

Greece extends surplus as Athens strives to please investors

Athens shows positive figures for a third year as eurozone shows lower [...]

Applied Materials halts work for red-flagged Chinese chipmaker

US supplier pulls staff from San’an Optoelectronics following government [...]

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Your daily briefing on the [...]

Weak spots and worries in the global financial system

The IMF’s Tobias Adrian tours the world’s big risks. Plus, Vitor Gaspar on “good” and “bad” [...]

Low savings rates stores up trouble for Britain

Households, companies and government are all in deficit for the first time since the [...]

Lighthizer aide to depart as US-China trade talks progress

Stephen Vaughn, general counsel to US trade rep, to be replaced by another Skadden [...]

Trump warned against keeping tariffs on Chinese goods

Business groups call for dropping all levies if deal is reached with [...]

Fatal fever ravages China’s pig farms and shakes global food markets

Pork prices forecast to soar as deaths from disease expected to reach [...]

The promise and perils of Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Behind the populist tweets, important reforms are taking [...]

Argentina’s growing poverty raises tough questions for IMF

Necessary social spending could increase the deficit and once again spook the [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily briefing on the [...]

People, Power and Profits, by Joseph Stiglitz

A progressive agenda for how to save capitalism from [...]

S Korea early export data points to more chip woes

Spanish elections, US GDP, China naval parade

Your FT guide to next week’s big [...]

ECB hopefuls offer policy remedies for bloc’s stuttering economy

Race to succeed Draghi throws up fresh stimulus ideas from leading [...]

Economic strategy divergence

Policies move out of sync across major [...]

Lure of ‘melt-up’ trade leaves holdouts in tough spot

Double-digit gains for equities heap pressure on money sitting on the [...]

Illuminating Big Data will leave governments in the dark

Private firms such as hedge funds are benefiting most from mining ‘alternative’ [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily briefing on the [...]

Week ahead: US GDP, earnings, Turkey

Green shoots need time to vindicate bullish thesis

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global [...]

USMCA trade deal to boost US economy, trade commission finds

Britain is once again the sick man of Europe

If treachery becomes part of the debate, there can only be total victory or total [...]

Pakistan finance minister resigns over IMF deal criticism

Imran Khan’s government lambasted over speed of response to country’s economic [...]

China’s soya purchases hog-tied by African swine flu

New sow stats show the trade war wasn’t the only factor in import [...]

Too good to be bad: the misplaced focus on recession risks

Risk/reward balance in equities remains tilted towards the [...]

US retail sales post their biggest gain since 2017

Rebound in consumer spending offers signs of encouragement on the health of the US [...]