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Volatile times lie ahead in Greece for investors

Tough reforms have a tendency to be difficult under right-of-centre [...]

US companies hunt for loopholes to beat China tariffs

Lawyers warn customs workarounds carry risks as business counts costs of Trump [...]

German business leaders add to economic gloom — Ifo

Mood among managers weakens to lowest level in five years as economy in [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories 

Your daily briefing on the [...]

Indonesia posts trade surplus as export slide eases

Macron keeps hope in shrunken eurozone budget plan

Paris plays the long game after Neo-Hanseatics shot down initial sweeping [...]

Apple weighs 15-30% shift out of China amid trade war

Tech giant asks suppliers to review costs in south-east Asia and [...]

G20 summit, Conservative leadership, Iran tension

Start every week on the front foot with a preview of what’s on the global [...]

Doing ‘whatever it takes’ to sustain the eurozone

Mario Draghi’s successor at the ECB will need to handle the next existential [...]

A long economic recovery is not a better one

Recessions are a natural part of capitalism, not something to be avoided at all [...]

US attacks on China’s economy reflect a double standard

Labelling it ‘state capitalism’ is unfair and [...]

US tariffs on China prove a boon for Vietnam

Exports surge as Vietnamese manufacturers and suppliers see business [...]

Week ahead: Trump-Xi meeting, Fed, SpaceX

Fed’s Bullard and Kashkari make case for rate cut

Macron mocks Weidmann in blow to German ECB hopes

Perennial hawk needs French acquiescence to win top job in European central [...]

Lebanese bonds in freefall amid political infighting

Spreads on nation’s dollar bonds over US Treasures have widened to near 10-year [...]

Strategic minerals — the new global battleground

US-China trade war has highlighted the challenge of securing rare earth [...]

Central banks must shun fruitless political games

Both the ECB and the Fed should ignore bullying from Donald [...]

Facebook co-founder: Libra coin would shift power into the wrong hands

Regulators should not underestimate the digital currency’s disruptive [...]

Survey shows slight improvement in eurozone business conditions

Region’s manufacturers still suffering from global [...]

Nouriel Roubini outlines the 2020 recession risk

Plus, a text-based follow-up on his views about Facebook’s [...]

Global equity funds swell after Fed’s dovish stance

Largest inflows since March last year reflect appetite for risk [...]

Bond rally sends 10-year Treasury yield below 2%

US Federal Reserve joins ranks of central banks indicating looser monetary policy to [...]

Ask not will the Fed cut rates but why

It is unclear what the central bank can accomplish this late in the economic [...]

Norway raises rates as oil wealth helps buck global trend

Forecast of 2 more increases puts Norges Bank on divergent course from Fed and [...]

Apple warns Trump tariffs would hurt its competitiveness

iPhone maker says duties would add hundreds of dollars to its high-end [...]

Don’t trust too much in our central-bank superheroes

Recent sell-offs across markets have exposed some alarming [...]

Do not let Facebook capture the monetary system

The road to Libra is paved with good [...]

Treasuries and gold rally as Fed sets pace for markets

Dollar hit by expectations for an interest rate cut as soon as [...]

Don’t count on Fed and ECB to revive EM growth

The best they can do is soften the [...]

Chinese stocks and currency rise as trade tensions thaw

US companies should fear China’s consumers

A consumer boycott could change the landscape [...]

Fed waits for more information before lowering rates

US central bank’s stance contrasts with widespread market expectations of a [...]

Fed holds steady, G20 tension, Deutsche Bank

The Federal Reserve held US interest rates steady, but put investors on notice for a future [...]

Hawkish Norges Bank poised for its third rate rise in a year

Norway forecast to increase borrowing costs to 1.25 per cent on [...]

Asian currencies rise following dovish Fed signals

New Zealand GDP grows in line with estimates

Country’s services sector posted slowest growth since [...]

Early G20 talks reveal frustration with China and US

Pressure mounts on two biggest economies to cease practices undermining global [...]

Mexico ratifies Nafta’s replacement, the USMCA

Trade deal may take longer to clear the US Congress, [...]

Brazil keeps interest rates at record low

Fed lowers US inflation forecast

How the Fed statement changed from May to June

Fed holds rates but signals more dovish outlook

Central bank downgrades its description of the health of the US [...]

Value of negative yielding debt hits record $12.5 trillion

Europe must find its will to power

The bloc could have more geopolitical influence if it only [...]