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Thought for the weekend

When public life gets too [...]

Zimbabwe’s central bank acts on currency ‘manipulators’

Street value of the country’s currency fell by a tenth this [...]

The next bust may not come soon, but it will hurt

Era of central bank intervention has not ended the credit [...]

Davos 2020: US confronts rest of world over growth outlook

Diverging views on prospects for global economy on show at annual Swiss [...]

Digging for dirt with the Davos plumbers

At this Alpine jamboree, world leaders cannot be bugged by anyone [...]

Stress index sinks to new low as Fed sedates markets

Measure tracked by St Louis Fed drops to lowest level on records going back to [...]

Watching the service sector

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global [...]

EU seeks power to sanction UK over any Brexit deal breaches

Brussels prepares tough negotiating stance on ‘undercutting’ as withdrawal agreement signed [...]

US confirms second coronavirus case as China extends travel ban

Shutdown affects 36m people as S&P warns disease could hurt economic [...]

Davos jaunt proves a useful distraction for Trump

Tub-thumping on US economy diverts attention from impeachment process at [...]

Downturn in global trade continues

World economy going through longest period of falling trade since [...]

AIG escapes $100m bonus payment after appeal

London court overturns decision that insurer owed the money to 23 former [...]

Sabotage: The Business of Finance — an attack on banking conduct

An indictment of practices that led to the 2007-08 crisis suggests deliberate [...]

Brussels builds alliance to bypass US block on WTO judges

Temporary measures agreed to replace suspended dispute-settlement [...]

Eurozone makes weak start to year as services stall

Data from France offsets better than forecast German activity in PMI [...]

UK private sector activity improves in ‘encouraging’ start to 2020

Key survey points to sharp rise in business sentiment ahead of Bank of England meeting next [...]

Will big banks ever make money in China?

Welcome to Due Diligence, the FT’s daily deals [...]

Louis de Bernières: why I believe in Brexit

There is more to Europe than the EU — now the English need to reclaim their [...]

Davos 2020: pessimistic sentiment grips business

Executives gloomy as trade, climate change and reform of capitalism all weigh on [...]

Will a US trade deal damage Britain’s car industry?

UK auto executives call for EU markets to be prioritised after [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories 

Your daily briefing on the [...]

ECB must make inflation targeting fit for purpose

Review should consider a target range combined with long-term [...]

The world needs a Libor for carbon pricing

Setting a price would make it easier to run economic models and explain choices to [...]

Ukraine sells €1.25bn of new debt at record-low borrowing costs

Country capitalises on optimism over president Volodymyr Zelensky’s reform [...]

ECB keeps rates on hold ahead of strategic review

Months of loose policy expected as Lagarde examines central bank’s [...]

ECB review must explore monetary policy’s effect on supply

If demand pressure alters long-term productive capacity, the implications for central banks are [...]

International agreement on digital taxes is needed

Unilateral measures should be paused but not abandoned [...]

US Treasury secretary Mnuchin launches attack on Greta Thunberg

Teenage climate activist has called for investors to divest completely from fossil [...]

US and France set for crunch talks over digital tax

Delicate truce between two countries at stake as Le Maire and Mnuchin [...]

Further reading

Remembering Fellini; Super, super prime; A nocoiner info conspiracy; plus much [...]

Carrie Lam mounts Hong Kong charm offensive in Davos

Chief executive defends government’s handing of protesters and police [...]

Is inflation is higher than central banks think?

Official measures are way out of sync with public thinking on [...]

Davos Special Edition: Royal assent for carbon tax 

Your guide to the investment and business revolution you can’t afford to [...]

Investors seek clues as Lagarde launches ECB review

What to look for on Thursday, with central bank chief set to start policy [...]

Eurozone bankers in fresh push against negative rates

Executives urge tax cuts and increased spending as favoured path to economic [...]

Rethinking Argentina’s debt 

Big haircuts are not the answer in a crisis of [...]

Emerging market rate cuts prompt rethink on outlook

Malaysia and South Africa among the central banks that have carried on easing in [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories 

Your daily briefing on the [...]

Waiting for value to shine

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global [...]

Fastest growth in cross-border lending since crisis

BIS data suggest global credit demand more robust than trade fears [...]

We politicise central banks at our own peril

When independence and credibility is at risk, everyone stands to [...]

EM investors should take heed of Trump-Thunberg clash

Longer-term shifts can affect capital markets ahead of [...]

France to stand firm on digital tax if no OECD pact is reached

Le Maire says US and France have reached ‘common agreement’ on de-escalation of trade [...]

Davos 2020: Von der Leyen tells China to price carbon

Commission president sets out Brussels’ plan for carbon border adjustment [...]

Davos 2020: Companies sign up to environmental disclosure

Accounting standards offer standardised way of reporting sustainability [...]