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Curbing corruption would deter emigration, says EBRD

Warning to illiberal governments over long-term costs of [...]

Brussels’ Brexit inflexibility damages its interests

The EU has seen legal constraints where there are in fact only political [...]

Global digital tax would flop, French council warns

Study shows France, China and US would raise barely any extra tax under OECD [...]

Finance has resisted the push towards deglobalisation

Cross-border capital flows have been supported by a relentless hunt for [...]

China’s travellers get nervous about going abroad

Domestic tourism becomes more appealing amid growing concerns about [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories 

Your daily briefing on the [...]

Resilient dollar must crack for risk appetite

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global [...]

US extends licence for companies doing business with Huawei

New 90-day extension comes as US prepares rules on telcos that pose national security [...]

Trump holds meeting with Federal Reserve’s Powell

President and central bank chair discuss interest rates and the [...]

German trade unions and businesses call for more investment

Angela Merkel’s government under pressure to abandon policy of balanced [...]

Turn the euro into a stablecoin to save it

A bond-backed currency would overcome problems created by incomplete monetary [...]

China’s central bank cuts short-term lending rate

First easing in four years signals Beijing’s concern over slower [...]

Why global capital flows could wreck the bond rally

Money should spill out of dollar assets as China’s economy [...]

India’s beef with digital trade and tariffs

How the issue of cross-border data movements has become politically [...]

Former India prime minister blames Modi for economic slowdown

Manmohan Singh says government’s ‘climate of fear’ has stifled [...]

China suspends human rights programme with Australia 

Bilateral relations at low ebb as Australian MPs barred from [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily briefing on the [...]

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Child labour forces as the new schools; A Shanghai GPS mystery; Google’s totally creepy medical harvesting; plus much, much [...]

Argentina uncertainty piles on the agony for investors

President-elect Fernández is reticent on likely relationship with bondholders and [...]

Dividend growth falters as global economy slows

Janus Henderson forecasts underlying rise of 5.4% this year, against 8.5% in [...]

Bill Gates: Paranoia on China is a ‘crazy approach’ to innovation

Microsoft founder suggests ‘objective test’ of security claims against [...]

Week ahead: UK debate, retail earnings, US economy

Rising share prices mask troubled global economy

Trade war, Brexit and high levels of corporate debt are all [...]

UK election, central bank minutes, US retail earnings

Start every week on the front foot with a preview of what’s on the global [...]

Lagarde must resist pressure on inflation target

The new president should ensure governments grasp the interaction of fiscal and monetary [...]

Can automatic fiscal stabilisers replace monetary policy?

The measures could be effective but will be politically difficult to [...]

The short game matters for trade and equities

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global [...]

Lebanon’s creditors adopt crash position

Bond prices have plummeted as people take to the streets in anti-government [...]

Latin America faces a second ‘lost decade’

From Chile to Bolivia, revolts against leaders from left and right have root causes in stagnant growth and weak [...]

Maersk boss warns global trade growth is slowing

Soren Skou fears recession as Danish group cuts forecast for global container shipping [...]

Trade fight, Blankfein v Warren, Amazon Jedi fight

The US and China are struggling to finalise a ‘phase one’ trade [...]

Supreme Court petition by Donald Trump v Cyrus Vance

President appeal of lower court decision to allow subpoena of tax [...]

Wax on, wax off for bonds and equities

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global [...]

Banxico slashes rates again as growth slows

‘Stagnant economic activity’ continued in the third [...]

US and China struggle to finalise ‘phase one’ trade deal

Trump administration officials concede original target date may slip but deny reports of [...]

Ex-Deutsche Bank executive to pay fine in subprime settlement

US Department of Justice claimed Paul Mangione misled investors into buying dud [...]

Election promises collide with economic reality

Employment is buoyant, but sluggish investment is holding Britain [...]

EU needs to get its own digital house in order

Data regulation is an issue the bloc thinks very important but has little idea how to [...]

Riksbank dumps Canadian and Australian debt in green push

Swedish central bank to avoid regional bonds with ‘large climate footprint’ for [...]

Chilean businesses count cost of riots

Concerns over economic growth surface as weeks of protests and violence take [...]

Learning to love negative interest rates

As evidence accumulates, naysayers’ case becomes less [...]

China fall in fixed-asset investment growth sparks stimulus doubt

Deepening slowdown intensified by US-China trade row increases pressure on Beijing to launch new [...]

Germany narrowly avoids recession as growth ticks up

A 0.1 per cent clip in the third quarter eases pressure on Angela Merkel’s [...]

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily briefing on the [...]

Upbeat emerging market forecasts called into question

IMF’s Panglossian 2020 vision is eyed with ‘bemusement’ in some [...]