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Trump to extend reprieve for US companies selling to Huawei

Move comes as Washington and Beijing try to get trade negotiations back on [...]

Tech’s Dog Days

London CCTV cameras proliferate, WeWork IPO prospectus, OnePlus 5G [...]

Week ahead: Jackson Hole, Fed and ECB minutes, Italy

Trump spoke with bank CEOs amid market turmoil

Leaders of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America briefed president on [...]

Fitch downgrades Argentina after peso’s collapse

Rating agency cites debt risks after Macri loses primary vote to rival [...]

Markets yield to fears of a global downturn

The leading recession indicator suggests the latest downturn may already have begun but is it [...]

Cobalt soars as Glencore plans closure of major mine

Price spike is relief to miners whose shares have suffered from global growth [...]

Germany flags ‘high probability’ of no-deal Brexit

Berlin says it is inconceivable that Johnson will soften stance on Irish [...]

The cost of uncertainty

Global recession fears come amid Trump’s unpredictability, Asia conflicts and [...]

Dogma and complacency put the German economy at risk

A lack of political ambition, reform and investment when times were good have hobbled the [...]

US tech groups in the dark about renewal of Huawei sales licence

Trump administration’s temporary permission to export to Chinese company expires on [...]

Deere cuts profit outlook again as US-China trade war hits farmers

Tractor maker says agriculture sector facing ‘high degree of [...]

Bank of England may have no choice but join race to the bottom

Central banks around the world are sending out worrying signals about the [...]

Trade within eurozone falls at fastest pace in six years

Slowdown raises fears US-China dispute is hurting [...]

Hong Kong economy suffers on trade war, political turmoil

Some economists anticipate that Hong Kong will likely fall into recession this [...]

Upside world marks limits of monetary policy

Borrowing for free comes with rising risks over financial [...]

US retailers’ lament: where are the Chinese tourists?

Businesses count the cost of falling visitor numbers as trade war [...]

Oh, Inverted World

Just how reliable is the inversion of the yield curve in forecasting [...]

Fed chair Powell must be wary of a market running ahead of itself

The costs of another ‘taper tantrum’ could be much higher now than six years [...]

What next for the US-China trade war?

The FT’s James Politi reviews the trade tussle between China and the [...]

Trump takes emollient tone on China trade war

US president expects phone call with Xi Jinping [...]

Japan edges China as largest holder of US Treasuries

June data also show that China raised its holdings after a four-month selling [...]

Mexico’s central bank cuts rates for first time in 5 years

How the trade war is damaging the US tech industry

Executives conclude their world is changing for good — and not in ways they [...]

US industrial production unexpectedly slips in July

Report shows weaker manufacturing and mining [...]

Bond yields: ahead of the curve

Anyone can tell an economic downturn lies ahead; disentangling cause and effect is [...]

US retail sales beat estimates to show strong consumer spending

Better than expected figures partly soothe growing fears over [...]

Expect further turmoil as Trump yo-yos on tariffs

Latest move in trade battle reflects US president’s switch between confrontation and [...]

Overheard in the long room: trade war worries

Fund managers are sour on Trump’s tariff [...]

China vows to take ‘necessary countermeasures’ over new US tariff

Escalation of tensions follows comments from President Trump on China’s handling of Hong [...]

India faces WTO investigation over sugar subsidies

Australia, Brazil and Guatemala say New Delhi is contributing to a global sugar [...]

Maersk posts strong profits despite trade war worries

Bellwether group benefits from liberalisation affecting three times more volume than US-China [...]

South Korea’s president seeks Korean unification by 2045

Pledge comes amid military provocations from North Korea and rising tensions with [...]

US blacklists China nuclear company over military tech theft

Hinkley Point partner CGN must seek rarely granted licence to import American [...]

Norges Bank sends mixed signals on interest rate policy

Norwegian central bank leaves rates on hold as it raises questions on next [...]

Rwanda’s Kagame dismisses FT story as western propaganda

FT investigation had revealed that some statistics could have been [...]

Norway’s central bank set to decide on policy path amid oil drop

As oil prices and the krone slide, traders watch rate decision of outlier Norges [...]

Cash Trails

Remittances have overtaken foreign direct investment as the largest flow of capital into emerging economies. The FT examines how the money migrants send home connects disparate countries in unexpected [...]

Market signals recession, WeWork S-1, Corbyn pact

Markets signal chances of a mounting [...]

Overseas earnings trigger Trump tussle with Central America

White House threatens to use remittances from US as leverage in migration [...]

Plunging peso hits ordinary Argentines hard

Weary shoppers anticipate higher prices as currency [...]

Emerging market bond rally can turn on a sixpence

Yield-seeking EM investors should not forget that currencies are vulnerable to [...]

Australian dollar gains as jobs growth blows past forecasts

Muhammadu Buhari sparks dismay over food policy shift

Critics say Nigerian president’s move threatens to send prices [...]

Sweden sells 10-year debt with negative yield

Issuance of bonds with sub-zero yields puts country in club with Germany and [...]