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EE fined £100,000 for unlawful texts

The mobile network sent 2.5 million messages to customers about its app and handset [...]

Boots rolls out paper bags after plastics row

The chain is introducing paper bags in 53 of its 2,485 stores – but not in its central [...]

Ransomware cyber-attacks are targeting large companies and demanding huge payments

A Norwegian aluminium producer is recovering after hackers took thousands of computers offline and demanded a [...]

‘Hire people who are going to disagree with you’

Emily Foges says her firm’s success is down to young employee who told her she was getting it [...]

Wind power: £100m fund aims to boost UK companies

The offshore wind industry says the money will help to ‘maximise opportunities’ for UK [...]

Turning carbon dioxide into cash

Scientists say carbon dioxide can be used to benefit humanity instead of overheating the [...]

Patisserie Valerie scandal: Five people arrested

The chain collapsed in January and is under new management, but the probe into its finances [...]

Climate protesters storm Garzweiler coalmine in Germany

The activists broke through police lines during a weekend of protests against fossil fuel [...]

Sync or swim: How TV shows like Love Island are breaking new bands

Who needs Top of the Pops when shows like Love Island and Killing Eve are putting songs in the [...]

How recyclable is your food shop?

Research suggests almost half of packaging used by major UK supermarkets can’t be easily [...]

Businesses push government to complete HS2 railway

Business leaders have written a letter urging the next prime minister to commit to completing [...]

Slack: Why is this loss-making tech firm worth $20bn?

The messaging app has investors piling in on hopes it can replace email for workplace [...]

Cannabis-laced beer and dog treats excite big firms

Big firms are chasing a share of the cannabis market, but growth could be volatile, says a [...]

US-Iran: Airlines re-route flights after drone incident

Emirates and BA are among the airlines changing flight routes to avoid parts of Iranian [...]

#BringYourDogToWorkDay marked by pics of busy pups

Photos shared of dogs sitting at desks and doing more serious things on Bring Your Dog to Work [...]

Lap dancers sign union deal with Glasgow club employers

Staff at Glasgow’s Seventh Heaven venue will be now able to bargain collectively over their terms and [...]

Former Barclays chief John Varley cleared of fraud charges

The Court of Appeal declined an application by the Serious Fraud Office to overturn a previous court [...]

Mark Carney on Facebook’s digital currency Libra

The Bank of England’s governor explains how Facebook’s digital currency could [...]

Walmart uses AI cameras to spot thieves

The supermarket uses image recognition tech at checkouts to detect when items have not been [...]

Bank of Scotland fined £45.5m over fraud failure

The bank is fined by regulators after failing to alert authorities to suspicions of fraud in [...]

The ‘chaos’ that nearly derailed Hornby

The model maker’s boss says he removed the firm’s senior managers as they did not understand the [...]

Northern Powerhouse ‘undermined’ by austerity, five years on

Five years since launch, more northern children live in “poor” households, despite economic [...]

Carney: ’150,000 firms not fully ready for no-deal Brexit’

The Bank of England governor says firms lack the paperwork for EU trade in the event of [...]

Businesses ‘not fully ready’ for no-deal, says Carney

About 150,000 firms are unprepared for a no-deal Brexit, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney [...]

Apple warns Trump that more China tariffs will help rivals

Apple says US plans to impose more tariffs on Chinese goods would hurt its “global [...]

Electric and petrol cars: Views of Milton Keynes drivers

Electric cars are expensive, the batteries run out and then they have to be charged up, but why are they so popular in Milton [...]

Clean electricity overtaking fossil fuels in Britain

Britain is obtaining more of its power from zero-carbon sources than from fossil [...]

Why the age of electric flight is finally upon us

Air travel accounts for 2%-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Are electric engines an [...]

The plane that can fly 600 miles on batteries alone

The Israeli firm Eviation unveils a plane which can travel over 600 miles on battery power [...]

Climate protesters disrupt Hammond’s Mansion House speech

Activists from Greenpeace “gatecrashed” the Mansion House where the chancellor was [...]

Carney gives Facebook currency cautious welcome

Bank of England gives Facebook currency cautious welcome as it looks to the future of [...]

Climate protesters interrupt Hammond’s Mansion House speech

The chancellor was addressing a City of London event at the Mansion House for the financial services [...]

Slack: Shares surge as messaging app joins the stock market

The messaging app firm sees its shares close 50% up as it becomes that latest tech start-up to go [...]

The breakfast cafe where customers don’t have to pay

Eggs & Bread asks its customers to pay what they like – one of a number of not-for-profit food projects open around the [...]

Monsoon seeks rent cut in ‘difficult’ trading

Monsoon and Accessorize hope to avoid closing any of their 258 stores as part of a restructuring [...]

British Business Bank scheme reaches £500m loans milestone

The UK Treasury-funded British Business Bank was launched after the financial crisis to help [...]

Bank of England cuts UK growth outlook as rates held

The Bank of England says it does not expect the economy to grow in the second quarter of the [...]

Dixons Carphone shares plunge on mobile phone woes

The retailer says its UK mobile business will be “significantly loss-making” this [...]

Toy Story: How Buzz Lightyear keeps making millions

When the new Toy Story film opens on Friday, it is not just cinemas that will be hoping for a boost from [...]

Boohoo’s recycled clothes ‘will not solve fast fashion waste’

The fast fashion retailer is trying to be more sustainable, but some are [...]

All aboard Britain’s first hydrogen train

Britain is looking to become one of the next countries to start running hydrogen-powered [...]

How can a company be valued at billions, but not make any profit?

You can’t have a company worth billions of dollars and not make a profit, right? Wrong, and here’s [...]

Under-30s ‘spend less than same age group in 2001′

Millennials are spending less on “fun” than the same age group did in 2001, a report [...]

Hydrogen trains: Are these the eco-friendly trains of the future?

With zero emissions and water as a by-product, Tom Burridge was on board one of the test [...]

Worth billions but making no profit?

Here’s how it [...]