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An Israeli Special Forces Soldier, An Arab Investor, A Religious Zionist — And A Hot Start-Up Called Webydo

There are start-ups, and then, by Israeli standards, there are start-ups. It’s typical for website designers to charge their corporate clients $5,000 to $10,000 to create sites for them. But a unique outfit called Webydo (based in Tel Aviv, and with an office in New Jersey) is changing that terrain. After enlisting a team of mathematicians to create new algorithms, Webydo has removed software code developers and programmers from the picture – enabling professional graphic designers to create sites on the fly for ten times cheaper, and far [...]

An In-Depth Look At 5 Tech Giants

The second quarter earnings from Google, Inc. (GOOG) and Microsoft, Inc. (MSFT) rocked the tech sector last week. Then Apple, Inc. (AAPL) reported its earnings after the close on Tuesday, which gave the market a pleasant surprise.

Many have been expecting or hoping that the cyclical technology sector would again take over leadership as it did in late 2011 and in 2012. In this trading lesson, I will be taking an in-depth look at Google, Inc. (GOOG),, Inc. (AMZN), Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ), eBay, Inc. (EBAY), and Apple, Inc. (AAPL). All of these stocks have a significant influence on the overall technology sector.

I did review Intel Corp. (INTC) recently, and with the sharp drop in Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) last week, I will save its analysis for later.

By examining the monthly, weekly, and daily technical outlook for the sector, as well as these five technology giants, it should give us some additional insight on the overall sector and identify new opportunities. Let’s first look at the technology [...]

The Royal Road To Riches

With euphoria returning to equity markets, it’s worth remembering that stocks are unlikely to make you really rich. We have some ideas what might [...]

Global Markets Drop During Q2 2013

Disclaimer: Both myself personally and the clients we manage invest in IVV, EWL, EWH, EWC, EWS, ENZL, and [...]

Should Euro Debt Worry You?

It was a heavy weak of earnings with wild after-hours trading as analysts digested the earnings reports. For example in the first ten minutes after (AMZN) reported its earnings on Thursday, the stock ranged from down $18 to down just $4.

Overall, over 70% of the companies have beat their earning’s estimates and just over 53% have beat on revenue. The earnings beat, so far, is the best since 2006 and was by far the best reading since the end of the bear market. Weaker revenue numbers have been a concern of many analysts and investors. The revenue has been in a gradual downtrend since the 4th quarter of 2009.

The best news last week came from Facebook, Inc. (FB) whose earnings surprised everyone as its stock gained 22% the day after its earnings were released. In this week’s trading lesson, I took an in-depth technical look at five of the tech giants. The market has not been kind to those that missed earnings as Expedia Inc. (EXPE) lost 22% on the opening Friday.

I also reviewed one of the tech industry groups that has been leading the market higher. It has clearly been a stock picker’s market as the market-tracking ETFs have not allowed many good risk/reward entry points.

My current concern for the stock market is what I see as the longer-term bullish outlook from many analysts. It is not that I disagree with them, but it is not a positive sign for the near-term market outlook. The periodic weaker-than-expected economic news has not dampened the enthusiasm but maybe the Eurozone will again shake up the market before the summer is over. Some negative news from the Eurozone could increase the bearish sentiment enough to fuel another phase in the market’s rally. But will it [...]

Samsung Reaches Biggest Smartphone Lead Over Apple Since First iPhone Launched In 2007

The Samsung juggernaut shipped more than double the volumes of its Cupertino rival, whose market share fell to its lowest level in three [...]

Most Powerful Women in the United States

Out of the 100 most powerful women in the world, 61 live and work in the US. From politicians to CEOs, these women are shaping the United States and the [...]

Christine Lagarde’s Advice to Women: Grit Your Teeth And Smile

“Every day, you have to prove yourself and convince — move forward and challenge yourself. And doubt all the time,” says Christine Lagarde, recently named by Forbes as the 7th Most Powerful Woman In The [...]

Lukoil And Three Other Emerging Stocks Legendary Investors Would Like

Many solid emerging markets stocks are trading at far more attractive valuations than they were at the start of the year. Here are four strong, undervalued stocks to [...]

Foreign Bonds Drop As Dollar Strengthens and Interest Rates Rise

Disclaimer: Both myself personally and the clients we manage invest in IVV, PEBIX, PFUIX, and [...]

Vladimir Putin’s Poll Numbers Still Aren’t Declining

The Levada Center, Russia’s most respected independent polling agency, just released its latest set of polls. In July of 2013, 65% of Russians approved of Putin’s performance as president, a small uptick from June’s level of 63% and broadly in line with his rating over the past year and a [...]

Apple iPhone Losing Popularity Contest In China

Apple sales slow in China as cheaper competition weighs [...]

Favorite Cities Of The Super Rich

Great Gatsby lives here. A look at the top 10 most desirable places to live, work and invest in second homes among the world’s [...]

Despite Volume Drop, Hong Kong Real Estate Prices Get Even More Ludicrous

Even as sales volume declines, Hong Kong real estate prices manage to push even [...]

Starbucks Skyrockets Higher On U.S. And China Strength, Sells One Billion K-Cups

Starbucks had a solid fiscal third quarter, beating sales and profit estimates as the U.S. and China delivered, helping margins grow and operating income [...]

Apple Alumni: Where Are They Now?

A look at some notable Apple hires and what they’re doing [...]

The World’s 25 Biggest Oil Companies

Not just the usual suspects; state-owned giants dominate this [...]

Petrobras Workers Strike, Shut Down Some Oil Platforms

A day after Jim Cramer calls Petrobras a buy, Brazilian oil workers go on strike over overtime pay and shut down oil production on some oil platforms off the coast of Rio de [...]

Wipro’s Premji Says Co’s Best Days Yet To Come, Thanks To U.S.

Wipro’s Premji says thanks to U.S., company could double sales in the next few [...]

Top 10 Companies Hiring Foreign Workers

The immigration debate may seem more like a low skilled labor, border control issue. But in the real halls of power, the immigration issue is about supplying high tech skilled labor to companies like Google and outsourcing firms like Ernst & Young. Here’s a look at the top 10 outsourcers, as ranked by [...]

Goldcorp And Why Gold Miners Are Getting Crushed: Massive Cost Inflation, Dropping Prices

Gold miners are operating in one of the worst possible environments, as gold prices remain pressured by lower physical demand and less monetary tightening by the Fed, and as operating costs continue to climb. Goldcorp, in its earnings, revealed it’s [...]

How To Profit From The Next Big Scarce Resource

While we perceive it to be abundant, water is a scarce resource and there is a growing concern over the grade of water infrastructure and the access to clean drinking water as well as usable wastewater. The implications on business and profits to be had by investors are both [...]

6 Great British Stocks For Bulls And Bears

Here are six Great British franchises for bulls, bears and [...]

The World’s Riskiest Countries 2013

A look at some of the riskiest countries politically and economically in 2013, as measured by U.K. political risk consultancy Aon and macro-economic research firm Roubini Global Economics, owned by famed New York University economist Nouriel “Dr. Doom” [...]

U.K. Conservatives, European Court, Cite Foul Play Behind Jailed Russian Oil Man

European Court on Human Rights says Russian oil man’s prison sentence [...]

Phone Hacking Scandal Goes Nuclear: Blue Chips, Law Firms And Insurers Caught In The Crosshairs

The London hacking scandal may soon spread to American industrial and financial [...]

Private Versus Public

We all know that enterprises run by the state suffer from ineradicable flaws in their DNA. Inefficiency. Lack of accountability. Unresponsiveness to customers. We believe such conditions to be akin to laws of nature, in contrast to private enterprises which by their nature cannot long survive with those [...]

‘Dying’ Russia’s Birth Rate Is Now Higher Than The United States’

This was not the headline that the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics gave its recent release of provisional fertility data for 2012. However, if you compare the most recent CDC data with Rosstat data on Russian births you see that, for the first time in a very long time, in 2012 Russia’s birth rate actually exceeded that of the United States. This is, to put it mildly, a significant reversal from the not too distant past when the US had a birth rate that was as much as 75% higher than Russia’s. As you can see, the speed and scale of the convergence is impressive [...]

In India’s Polarizing Election Of 2014, Twitter and Facebook Already Winners

image thumbnail - see full story for attributions

Facebook's home Twitter Earlier this month, Gujarat chief minister and BJP’s prime ministerial contender Narendra Modi ousted Congress minister Shashi Tharoor as the Indian politician with the most followers on Twitter. Modi is closing in on 2 million followers while Tharoor, who had long-reigned as the most popular, trails just behind. Modi’s [...]

What Is A Bubble?

I have been asked about current (summer 2013) housing price increases more and more often, and whether the current housing market is a bubble. In preparing an article on the topic, I started with a basic explanation of a bubble. This has grown into its own article. Wait a week and I’ll talk about housing; this week we explore just what a bubble [...]

Las Vegas Sands Scores In Macau And Singapore As Sin City Lags

Las Vegas Sands had a good quarter in Asia, delivering solid results in Macau and Singapore, but failed to keep up in Las Vegas despite an improving [...]

Baidu’s 2nd-Qtr Profit Falls; Stock Soars On Wireless Gains, Revenue Outlook

Baidu, China’s largest search engine, said today net profit in the second-quarter fell 4.5% from a year earlier to $431 million amid higher costs and taxes.  Shares in U.S. aftermarket trading rose by 12%, however, on gains in its mobile business and the outlook for the third [...]

Qualcomm Raises Its Outlook For 2013, Beats Estimates With $6.2B In Sales

A set of strong quarterly results from the chip maker defy concerns about the slowing pace of global smartphone [...]

Time To Hit The Pause Button On Investing In Emerging Markets

Take a break from adding emerging markets to your portfolio; for [...]

Stronger Emerging Markets Outlook For Second Half, Says Mirae Asset

The second half of the year won’t be all that much better for emerging markets. Here’s the sectors that might make it out of the bear [...]

Where Corporations Want To Invest

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s 2013 World Investment Report, these are the countries the world’s corporations are investing [...]

Best Airports In The World

A look at the top three airports in six different regions of the world as ranked by the Airports Council International. These are all recipients of their annual Airport Service Quality Awards for 2012. Note, in the U.S., the best airports are all small. Here’s the best place to catch a flight, or miss [...]

And You Thought U.S. Airports Were Bad

A look at some of the best, and worst, airports in the [...]

Pepsi Profits Boosted By Snacks, CFO Knocks Peltz Plan

So far, there’s little consensus on whether the billionaire’s bright idea will really unlock [...]

Bringing High-Quality, Affordable Health Care To Impoverished Brazilians

Although Brazil’s Unified Health System, created in 1988, declares access to health care a constitutional right of every citizen, the System sadly falls far short of ensuring this right is a reality. Thomaz Srougi and Dr. Cesar Camera are taking giant steps to ameliorate the [...]

Apple’s Strong iPhone Sales Mask Falling Revenue Per Unit As Gross Margins Contract

Apple had a strong fiscal third quarter, with iPhone sales widely beating expectations. Yet the company continues to suffer from margin erosion as sales per unit of their marquee products, the iPhone and the iPad, trend [...]

Brazil’s Favorite Luxury Cars

Brazil is one of largest auto markets in the world. While it is dominated by entry level vehicles made by Volkswagen and Fiat, imported luxury cars are not only a dream for many, but also a rising business for the multinational auto makers. According to the World Luxury Index by consulting firm Digital Luxury Group, these are the car makers Brazilians are seeking out [...]

No Longer Hot, Brazil’s Economy Sheds Jobs

Brazil unemployment on the [...]

China’s Favorite U.S. States In 2012

A look at the top 10 U.S. states selling to [...]

Boeing Survives 787 Dreamliner Troubles And Sequester As Profit Jumps And Margin Expands

Boeing delivered a nice second quarter beat that included increased revenue guidance for the year as its commercial airplanes unit [...]