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Many Who Lost Homes to Foreclosure Won’t Return: NAR

Less than one-third of families who lost their homes to foreclosure or other distress events in the past decade are likely to become homeowners again, according to an analysis by the National Association of [...]

Congress Steps Away From Spending Curbs

At first glance, fiscal austerity remains the order of the day in Congress. Look closer and there are signs the era of spending restraint is [...]

Neighbors See Bounce in U.S. Growth

Bank of Canada Gov. Stephen Poloz and Bank of Mexico Gov. Agustín Carstens think the U.S. economy is poised to bounce back after a disappointing first [...]

Slow Global Growth Vexes Policy Makers

Six years after tackling the global financial crisis, the world’s top economic policy makers are struggling to exit crisis-management mode and lift growth out of a long-term [...]

BOJ Chief Says He Sees Progress On Higher Inflation

The Bank of Japan’s leader said his institution is making real progress in its efforts to raise Japanese inflation back toward desired [...]

G-20 Warns of Threats to Global Recovery

The world’s top finance leaders warned that currency volatility, low inflation and high debt levels threaten to undermine an already uneven global economic [...]

Officials Warn Greece Time Is Tight

Talks over fresh emergency financing for Greece likely will take several more weeks, even though cash-needy Athens requires a deal to help it meet debt payments due in June, an International Monetary Fund official [...]

Consumer Prices Tick Up, in Sign of Emerging Inflation

U.S. consumer prices increased for the second consecutive month in March after falling through much of the winter, a sign that U.S. inflation may be [...]

April Consumer Sentiment Index Rises

Consumer optimism rebounded in early April, according to data released Friday. Households remain cautious about their outlook for income [...]

Fed Shies Away From June Rate Increase

A patch of soft economic data has created uncertainty inside the Federal Reserve about when to start raising short-term interest rates, reducing the probability of a move by [...]

Greece Creditors Grim on Deal Prospects

Greece’s international creditors signaled they are losing hope that Athens will do what is needed to unlock bailout funds before it runs out of [...]

Spanish Political Upstart Surges in Popularity

Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera says entrepreneurship and research and development, not large infrastructure projects, should be Spain’s economic [...]

China Readies $46 Billion for Pakistan Trade Route

Beijing aims to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure in Pakistan as part of a plan to open trade routes across Asia and challenge the [...]

Putin: Growth Could Return in 2 Years

Vladimir Putin said Russia has seen the worst of the economic troubles caused by Western sanctions and plunging oil prices, striking an upbeat tone in his annual call-in [...]

Sluggish Housing Starts Belie Builders’ Confidence

U.S. home building is off to a slow start this year, though builders remain upbeat amid improving weather, steady job creation and low interest [...]

Where Luxury Homes Sell the Fastest

An analysis of home listings over a two-month period identifies San Jose, Calif., as the place where home buyers need to act [...]

Police Search Home, Office of IMF Ex-Director Rato

Spanish police Thursday searched the residence and private office of former International Monetary Fund managing director Rodrigo Rato as part of a money-laundering [...]

Saudi Stock Market to Open to Foreign Investors in June

Saudi Arabia said it would open its stock market to direct foreign investment on June 15, a move that will give qualified international investors access for the first time to the Middle East’s largest [...]

IMF Chief Warns Greece Against Payment Delays

IMF Director Christine Lagarde said she has warned Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis against delaying payments to the [...]

U.S. Influence Hinges on Future of Dollar, Yuan

Capital Account: Chief economics commentator Greg Ip says China’s threat to U.S. economic primacy is real but a long way from reality. [...]

Japan Tops China as Largest U.S. Creditor

Japan has overtaken China as the largest foreign owner of U.S. government bonds for the first time since the 2008 financial [...]

China Feels Heat as Slowdown Takes Hold

China’s faltering growth is leading the government to turn to its well-thumbed playbook of infrastructure spending, easier credit and the browbeating of local officials—despite questions of whether that will be [...]

IMF Warns on Surprise Fed Rate Move

A sooner-than-anticipated increase in the Fed’s short-term rates could send tremors through the global financial system, the International Monetary Fund [...]

ECB’s Draghi Says Stimulus Is Working

The ECB president welcomed signs that a new stimulus program is aiding the eurozone’s [...]

Oil Prices Power to High for Year

U.S. oil prices surged to their highest level of the year Wednesday on signs that the country’s production may be [...]

Rural Banking Surges in China

The number of Chinese villagers with a bank account has surged in recent years, as Beijing’s increasing focus on rural development has prompted state-owned banks to spread their networks into the [...]

Fannie, Freddie to Lower Fees

The Federal Housing Finance Agency is set to direct Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reduce mortgage fees on some borrowers. [...]

U.S. Industrial Production Falters as Oil Sector Weighs

U.S. industrial output fell in March and posted the first quarterly decline since the recession ended, signs that a retrenching oil industry and stronger dollar are limiting [...]

Brazil Sees Economy Shrinking 0.9% in 2015

Brazil’s economy will contract 0.9% in 2015 and grow 1.3% in 2016, according to forecasts for the country’s 2016 budget [...]

U.S. Economy Powers Through Headwinds

The U.S. economy continued to expand across most of the country in February and March, though a strong dollar, falling oil prices and harsh winter weather slowed activity in some sectors, according to the Fed’s latest beige book [...]

Canada Manufacturing Shipments Fall 1.7%

Canadian factory shipments fell 1.7% in February, well off expectations for a small gain, reflecting lower sales of motor vehicles and a drop in the production of aerospace products and [...]

Greece Talks Far From Over

Negotiations are nowhere near the point where bailout money can be [...]

Economic Data Boost Russia’s Confidence

Russia got some unexpectedly upbeat economic news Wednesday, with industrial output picking up in March from the month before while weekly inflation slowed to the lowest rate in more than six [...]

China Growth Slowest in Six Years

China’s economy started the year on a downbeat note with its slowest quarterly growth rate since [...]

Home-Builder Confidence Rises Sharply

Confidence among U.S. home builders rose briskly this month, an early sign the housing market is picking up after a lackluster [...]

Slow Emerging-Market Growth Saps Global Prospects

Global economic growth will accelerate only marginally this year, the International Monetary Fund said in its flagship World Economic Outlook [...]

Consumers Open Wallets, Cautiously

U.S. consumers boosted their spending in March but showed signs of continued [...]

Eurozone Data Suggest ECB Stimulus Bearing Fruit

The European Central Bank’s ample stimulus measures are boosting lending to companies and aiding industrial production by weakening the [...]

U.S. Producer Prices Up in March

A gauge of U.S. business prices rose in March for the first time since October, a sign of stabilizing inflation in the [...]

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Growth Rate to Stall

Plunging oil prices, sluggish growth in the developed world and a slowdown in China’s industrialization will bring down sub-Saharan Africa’s growth rate to its lowest in two [...]

U.S. Budget Deficit Widens, Ending Run of Shrinkage

The U.S. budget deficit widened slightly during the first half of the 2015 fiscal year, ending a streak of sustained declines. Fitch Ratings affirmed the government’s triple-A [...]

China Data Point to Weak Growth

Falling exports and a sharp drop in China’s monthly trade surplus point to weak first-quarter economic results coming this week, heaping more pressure on Beijing to ease fiscal and monetary [...]

Germany’s Rising Wages Bode Well

The Outlook: Pay increases in export-driven Germany, the No. 4 economy globally, are expected to spur higher consumer spending and a smaller trade surplus—benefiting the eurozone, the U.S. and the rest of the [...]

Iron-Ore Crash Hits India Mining Plans

The collapse in the price of iron ore has thwarted India’s effort to reopen mines in the state of Goa, where at one time the industry employed more than 100,000 [...]

U.S. Import Prices Fall 0.3% in March

Prices of imported goods fell last month, suggesting the weak global economy and moves by foreign central banks are holding back U.S. [...]